Frost Armor as Arcane eventually?

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Ignore this, I hadn't checked the guide lately.

I had been wondering about stat priority ever since I heard of the RPPM trinkets and the legendary meta gem, so this thought popped into my head. Will Frost Armor ever pull ahead of Mage Armor at higher levels of gear with more haste available? A while back I had this question about Molten Armor and Frost Armor because I saw the 7% against the 5%, but I was told that 7% worth of haste rating is less rating than 5% worth of crit rating. What I am wondering though, is will haste pull ahead in usefulness when before other haste it gives 2975 rating worth of haste, and since the Frost Armor's haste provided is multiplicative? Let's say you have 20% haste and you put on Frost Armor, your new haste won't be 27%, but instead 1.2*1.07=1.284 which means you got an additional .014=1.4% haste=595 rating. 595 extra rating due to that means an additional 170 more stat rating than 7% flat haste, and 145 more total stat rating than Mage Armor and Molten Armor.

The benefits I see with this are that you get more haste from the following:

T15 2 piece set bonus.

All haste you put on your gear by 7% (12.35% with spell haste raid buff).


Legendary gem

Something else I am sure I forgot.

I'm not 100% on the accuracy of everything I have stated, but from what I have gathered, I believe it is all pretty much true. I took this here because you all are more of the theorycrafters/math guys than I am, and have probably dealt with this before and know the answer.

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On a side note.

Where are you going to use Mage Armor again? Except in some fights with deadly magical effects or in PvP against casters.

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PvP is literally the only time I can think of unless you really need that reduced magic debuff portion of Mage Armor because the gap should keep increasing more and more as time goes on.

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I know that Mage Fires soloing Alysrazor usually pick Mage Armor due to the increased buffs do critical and haste. But that's the far I can think.

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