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<<Skill Optional>> is currently recruiting to polish off our raid team. We are an active progression based guild that is focused on Heroic Content. We log every raid and have several raiders who rank. We as a team strive for excellence and expect that each individual do so as well. We are a new transfer guild to Stormreaver looking to refill our 25 man roster. Skill Optional has been around since Firelands. We formed from the falling apart of a several guilds and have been building a stronger team since then.

We are currently in high demand for 2 Death Knights, 2 Mages, 1 Warlocks, 1 Ret Paladin, 1 Mistweaver all other classes are free to apply. All exceptional applicants will be considered. We operate on a 32 member roster. 90% attendance is expected of our raiders.

We have several pvpers who are interested in RBG groups and have 2k+ experience in arenas and RBGs. We offer several off raid activities such as Random Bg's, Raid Finder Tuesdays, Old Content Saturdays, and the occasional 10 man on Mondays.

Our 25 man Raid nights are the following

Wednesday 7pm - 11pm

Thursday 7pm - 11pm

Sunday 7pm - 11pm

What is expected of you.

Show up on time, ready and able to raid

Have 300 stat food on hand, incase you miss the feasts

Do not AFK during trash

Return from wipes in a timely manner

Have stellar attendance

What you can expect from us

A raid that is focused on progression

Being surrounded by like minded talented raiders

Enchanting mats, Flasks, Potions, and Feasts

A fair loot system that rewards effort and balances gear out equally

An environment that allows for personal and group success

A well organized raid

Any questions contact me Via RealID, apply at our website, or email me:




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