[US-Nerzhul][H] Durus Veritas - Hardcore 10M LF Tank/Priest/Druid/Mage!

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We are currently looking for a DISCIPLINE PRIEST or a RESTORATION DRUID. IMMEDIATE CORE SPOT. Also looking for a MAGE.

Currently we have 9 filled core spots of dedicated players, looking to find a 10th. However, our second 10M is also looking for a tank, preferably a DK.

Durus Veritas, roughly translated to "Hard Truth" in Latin, which is representative of the fact

that we raid without vent and push for heroic progress. Most of our raiders have ranked on world

of logs so exceptional semi-hardcore players are our core.

Raiding without vent is not a detriment to our raiding progress as our raiders have exceptional

raid awareness and are given assignments beforehand specific to their specialization and excecute

them remarkably. Macroes are used for the assignments that are given as to ensure the job gets done.

We are very serious about our progress in heroic content and aim to clear current heroic content,

but we also enjoy a positive and friendly raiding atmosphere.


T/W/TH/SUN 6-10:30PM PST

NOTE: If the schedule does not match you-

Our schedule is up for modification for any day between 5:30pm - 11pm PST. We will accommodate you.


- Throne of Thunder = 1/13 HM 10man


- Mogu'shan Vaults = 6/6HM

- Heart of Fear = 4/6HM

- Terrace of Endless Spring = 1/4HM

- Dragon Soul 8/8 HM



Running 30+ FPS computer and less than 100 MS Home/World Latency

Adequate communication and response capabilities to raid chat.

Knowledgeable of their current applying class and all specializations.

Must have appropriate raid addons such as DBM.

Min/Max your gear

Maxed non-gathering professions

Bring your own flasks/potions


-Discipline Priest (CORE SPOT AVAILABLE)

-Restoration Druid (CORE SPOT AVAILABLE)




Sarstan#1410 battletag

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