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I missing something in dps

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I'm trying to figure this out I've lvled this toon up but just recently started to try and pass silver but I can't need some help I don't think my haste is high enough it's only at 13% mastery is at 102% in the scenario so any help plze

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It sounds like you're playing aff if you are worried about haste. If that's the case, you may want to rethink your choice of spec. Destro is the only decent thing to play in proving grounds.

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I play Destro and can't get anywhere in the silver proving grounds either.  In raids, dungeons, and questing, with a normal rotation, I can keep the number of Burning Embers up, and even put Immolate on a couple of NPCs, but when I work Havoc or Fire and Brimstone into the rotation, the number of Burning Embers evaporates.  I know hundreds/thousands of Destros have gone through the silver Proving Grounds successfully and to hear them, they did it with their eyes blindfolded.  But I can't.  In the Proving Grounds, it appears that the use of Havoc or Fire and Brimstone is imperative and I'm not mentally nor "fingerly" fast enough to make them work for me.

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I've always used demonology due to it being the spec I learned well enough to defeat the black harvest event at level i480. 

The DPS challenge I noticed is mostly about being able to cc, interrupt, and position properly as the waves ramp up to the guys that fire the stun projectile and while healers are up. You actually had to choose the right pet and use it well for these purposes. At first that made me bitter with the less of the built in interrupt in my spec between pandaria to draenor, but I appreciated it in the end for utilizing a core warlock element of pet usage. 

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Well I made it it but I will tell u that I had to get the four pecie pvp 700/710gear for the extra damage that's the only way I did it. I did have a 715 made wepon and 725 chest and waist with crit. Mastery on all of it my mastery is around 106% and my crit. Is around 28%with intellic.flask and mastery food

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    • By Frent
      I recently finished leveling my warlock and have began to raid in Normal HFC and some Heroic HFC. And I've spent a considerable about of time trying to figure out why im only pulling in the 25kdps-38kdps on various bosses in HFC. While i see other Warlocks of my ilvl (701-703) pull upwards of 40-50k easily during almost every fight. 
       I know its not optimal a single log output but its all i had on hand and i'm just super frustrated and looking for some advice. (from Korm on normal HFC)
      I follow the Icy-veins destro guide for single target rotation.
      That being,
      1 Immolate on at all times refresh about 3 seconds
      2 Conflagration if i have 2 charges. (been trying just using both charges at once not seen a big difference)
      then incinerate until 2.5 Burning Embers, then Chaos bolting.
      (also during boss fight using doomgaurd and such.)
      rinse and repeat.
      Here is my wow armory for a visual of my currently equipped gear.
      I guess other then if i'm doing something majorly wrong, a few specific questions,
      1. what lvl of mastery/multistrike/crit should i aim for potentially?
      2. How to most effectively use havoc in fights like Archie?
      3. If i run GoSac, does it matter what pet i Sacrifice? ( i know depending on which you sac you gain a ability i've been picking felgaurd for the extra interrupt just in case its needed at some point. Does this effect dps?)
      4. When is the most effective time to use dark soul?
      5. The standard cool down seems simple but i generally feel sometimes i'm doing it wrong. am i? 
      Those were some general question but overall any help with my dps would be extremely helpful. 
      thanks ahead of time 
      *Also if there is any other information i can try and provide to help with the analysis please let me know and ill do my best.

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