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When do I switch from Chi Explosion to Serenity?

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Is there a certain item level / stat threshold I need to pass in order for Serenity to increase my dps, or is this something that's just better on certain types of bosses?

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Serenity is more consistent single target damage, whereas chi explosion is better suited for multi target fights (although it does have a higher potential ST cap than serenity, it has a lower average, so I wouldn't expect better results on ST fights with it).

As far as I know, there is no ilvl threshold for this.

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    • By Earithrandil
      Hi guys! I have a question about CE, and how big of a priority it is in a single target fight.
      In 5.2.1 in the Windwalker guide we are told the following:
      Regarding Rising Sun Kick, it is important to note that if you are using  Chi Explosion, then it is better to spend Chi on that instead of on Rising Sun Kick. In that case, Rising Sun Kick will only be used as needed to maintain the debuff it applies
      Putting CE fairly high in the priority, making us only do RSK to maintain the buff and spend chi on this instead
      However in 5.3.8 the following is said
       Chi Explosion causes several alterations to how your abilities should be used. We have covered most of these throughout the guide, but there is one more important one. If you are using Chi Explosion, this ability will replace  Blackout Kick in your single target rotation, and it will become the last in order of priority, to be used only with 3 or more Chi.
      Putting it lowest in the priority, under even Chi wave.
      So which is it? one of the highest or the very lowest?
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