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Warrior troubles

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Hey guys above is a link to my logs on mannaroth progress and i know i dont get to execute phase but i would love some advice and tips to show where i am going wrong as my damage is alot lower than our other warrior which is only a little better geared. i noticed last night he doesnt switch target to keep WBR up more, but i feel a lack of confidence because of the difference.


I must mention i have only been playing warrior for a few months so even the most basic tips might be of help, thank you.

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Good morning, Blumist.


Up front I will simply say that if you are interested in the "most basic tips" you should take a serious look at the guide here on Icy Veins. It covers every single point of the warrior that you will need to know in order to get a solid start on the class and playing it properly. You can find the guide by clicking here: Icy Veins Fury Warrior Guide. This guide will get you pointed in the right direction as far as basics are concerned.


I will further note that looking at logs from a wipe can be a bit askew; wipes happen for a million and one reasons - especially in the Mythic difficulty section.


Aside from this, and what may not exactly be listed in the guide, I'll try to cover some further basic concepts. Anything else outside of this would be pure speculation without really digging deep into the logs and analyzing why your group wiped on any of the provided attempts.


For clarification, I am specifically looking at Wipe 11 that lasted 6:07 in length (36% wipe)


The first thing I always look at with a Fury Warrior is their Enrage uptime. I've said it before a hundred times - Enrage uptime is your damage. Without it you might as well stand there and melee. Of the time that you were alive you only had your Enrage buff up for 59.66% of the time. Compare that to Bromgarr who had it up for 80.39% of the time. Granted; this comes to where the first 20 seconds or so on the pull neither of you were enraged. Additionally, Bromgarr lived longer than you it seems. Regardless of that, you can look at the comparison windows between you two when you were both alive. You had 5 gaps of no Enrage buff while Bromgarr only had 2 gaps of no Enrage. You need to modify your UI to such a manner that you can easily notice when you are Enraged or not; it is that important. Once you have that set, you need to remember that you have two sources of gaining your Enrage buff: Bloodthirst and Berserker Rage. BR should only be used to extend / activate your Enrage if BT does not do the job for you. TellMeWhen and WeakAuras are two excellent addons that are able to track this buff for you if properly configured.


The next thing I noticed is that you gained the Raging Blow buff 37 times yet only cast the ability 31 times. Regardless of the reason that you lost those casts, that was wasted damage done.


Checking your prepot, Sudden Death procs, and other stuff. . . you seem to be pretty much getting the idea of the spec and rotation. It needs work and you can obviously use more practice. I would get your UI configured to monitor important stuff like Enrage and just keep working on your rotation via a training dummy. If that's too simple and straight forward, don't hesitate to jump into a PUG heroic or, hell, even an LFR just to give the necessity of movement and awareness during actual combat. Whatever you do, however, do it like you're legitimately raiding and fighting a Mythic boss. Put yourself in the mindset that you need to execute your rotation properly or you will be benched / removed from your Mythic progression. A lot of people make this simple task pointless because there's no mechanics - no issues - no raid leader yelling at you so they just half-ass their rotation and don't truly pay attention to what they're doing. Log your dummy tests. Log your LFRs. Make them personal so you can go back and review these things. Skada / Recount / Details can give you an immediate report in game as well if you're just doing parses on a dummy.




I hope this helps. If you should have any further questions do not hesitate to ask and I'll do my best to answer them.

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