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Greetings WOW World, please allow me to introduce you to the guild; Dark Omen.
Dark Omen is a Raiding / Social international guild.
Formed at server birth on the Ragnaros server, Dark Omen has remained a solid constant within the game over the years, we pride ourselves on our longevity and have a Guild Master that as been at the helm for over 5 years. Many guilds have come and gone, but gladly Dark Omen has stayed the course, this we put down to the unique way that we look at online gaming. Dark Omen is a “Raiding / Social” guild, with everything that entails.
On the raiding side we are serious and crave to maintain the high standards we've set ourselves over the years and on the social side we aim to make being in a guild a fun place to be.
On the raiding side, we always clear the content, more often than not, on Mythic mode too and we are striving to continue this vein of form throughout the forthcoming expansions. In our raids we have fun, but we never have  loot fights, arguments, abusive behaviour or tolerate “kiddy” attitudes. We offer structured raids with a vastly experienced raid leading team; that are patient and understanding, in this way we achieve much. 
We raid 3 times per week:

Thursdays 20:00 to 23:00

Sundays 20:00 to 23:00
& Tuesdays 20:00 to 23:00 Server time.


*** IMPORTANT *** Our raid attendance policy is MINIMUM 66% raid attendance. If you fall below that, you will be removed from the guild, no questions.
Our current progress as off 26/03/16 is: Hellfire Citadel : 8/13 Mythic
We are currently looking at all classes, with an emphasis on Ranged DPS.
We expect players who apply to us to be raiders to be “Raid Ready”. This means that they must have a minimum iLvL of 715 and we expect them to show experience in the current raids of the expansion and everything that comes with this i.e. having all the knowledge to be able to walk in and get their hands dirty in raids.
If you've got to the end of this Wall Of Text and are interested in becoming a part of our awesome guild, please take the time to put in a thoughtful application to:
Where it will receive our full attention.
Thank you for your time and see you out there in Azeroth.
Marvin, Officer of Dark Omen.

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      Sophisticated Society is a casual raiding guild that focuses on Heroic Raiding! Since we emphasize on keeping it casual, this benefits you who don't have a lot of time to play this game but still want to do heroic raiding.

      What do we want?

      We want people that will contribute to a friendly, but focused atmosphere within the guild's raids.
      We try to keep this guild mature, but there is always space for a sense of humor to shake off a wipe. Patience is a must for progression runs.
      Showing up 10-15 minutes before raiding hours and have your coins, Food and Flask ready. 
      Since we only raid 8 hours a week we put in the maximum effort during the raid while still keeping it casual friendly. 

      Our raid times and days we raid:
      (Thursday 19:20 to 23:00)
      (Sunday 19:20 to 23:00)

      What have we accomplished in Legion?

      NH 10/10 H
      TOS 9/9 H
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      What are our future goals?

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      How do we handle loot?
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      What are we looking for?

      We always accept exceptional players!

      Open spots at the moment.


      Mainly any ranged DPS

      Does this sound like the guild for you don’t hesitate to contact any officer in game.
      Uthemin - GM
      Xenash - Officer
      Cqrnetto (Cornetto#2783) - Officer
      Mazurka - Officer
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      The ultimate two-day raid team on Kazzak!

      Don't have the time to raid more than 2 days per week?
      Want to become victorious in the Tomb of Sargeras Mythic end-game?
      Willing to join us on Discord for a laidback atmosphere?

      Then we want YOU to join our guild!
      We are recruiting the follow specs

      druid (balance)
      monk (healer)
      shaman (elemental)
      shaman (restoration)
      warlock(PORTAL PLX !)

      We offer ToS HC zergs on wednesdays and on the other two raiddays ToS Mythic progression. Our raidschedule has limited time per week, so we want everyone to come in guns blazing to maximize our efficiency!

      Raiders with good knowledge of encounters and high survivability have the best shot on becoming part of the main raid team.

      Main Raids:
      Thursday 19:45 - 23:00 ST
      Monday 19:45 - 23:00 ST

      Optional Raids vary! Usually a ToS Heroic on Wednesday.

      If you are interested make sure you send an in-game whisper to