Ever feel frustrated with arena? I got my vengeance on the meta with quadruple Murloc Knight :-)

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Ever feel annoyed with the arena meta?

Ever feel that your opponent outplays you with amazing cards?

That's how I often feel :-(
Well for once... RNG was on my side!

4 Murloc Knights and a Foe Reaper!

Leaving the current arena meta in style, before Old Gods arrives!


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    • By Darkseeker83
      Another 12 win Paladin arena! The drafting process was really interesting - this deck had pretty much one of each Paladin card that you would want in Arena - Truesilver Champion, Shielded Minibot, Avenge, Murloc Knight, Aldor Peacekeeper, etc. All it lacked was Consecration and Equality. The MVPs of this series were the Murloc Knight and a pair of Dark Iron Dwarves! A really fun series of games, doing my best to outvalue my opponents.
      The last two games were interesting. I didn't realise that it was the same opponent! It was only afterwards that I realised the same cards were played in both games! Woops!
      Video + commentary (including draft):