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Unequip/Reequip RPPM items?

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So are we best off unequipping our RPPM trinkets and meta gem for trash and then reequipping them before the boss pull? Would this allow us to both dps on trash and be guaranteed the procs on the pull? Or is the bad luck streak prevention only applicable to RPPM items we have equipped the entire time?

Help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Class specific, but I think Demonology gets the best mention here since ensuring a Perfect Aim Doom is likely the most crucial of all aspects with the real PPM stuff. For all other classes, on farm, you might not care to ensure you have everything running at the beginning, but for progression attempts, it's pretty important. For anyone with the RPPM stuff equipped, I would suggest the raid either use everyone on trash or wait 5 minutes out of combat to reset everyone. Unequipping your gear is one way, but the whole group unequipping their helms and trinkets would have a pretty big effect. Better to just wait a few minutes to set things back up.

I typically don't worry too much about my opening burst on farm bosses or every few attempts. I know particularly how important Perfect Aim is for a Demonology Warlock in the first few seconds on Council of the Elders. Therefore, I let my raid know why I won't be participating in the next trash pull.

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I tried unequipping/requipping just the other day. I didn't feel like it changed much as re-equipping seems like it starts an ICD like delay. It's not as if the trinket thinks it hasn't been used in 10 minutes.

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Swapping trinkets/meta seems like a good idea on Jinrokh where you can delay your delay your procs for the first pool.

i unequiped / equiped 2x rppm trinkets 2 secs before the pull and they proced right away (they didnt were up in the pool) so there doesnt seem to be an ICD for swapping.

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