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I have killed kormrok several times now but each time I haven't been impressed by my dps. Is there something I am missing, please help

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First, its mainly how long the fight went.  Its pretty long for anything that would help your overall performance. Next is when you pop lust, its like the worst possible time for you (it ends like 15-40s before your CD's come back up.  If they used it on the first set of green hands 1) you would get more dps out of lust with your cooldowns, 2) your whole raid would do more damage with the ring becasue of all the burst damage on the hands going to the boss (assuming you kill the hands quick enough to not split off the boss)



Without looking too hard  at your own performance,, which looks decent enough, you need to kick all the really bad mages, warlocks, hunter, and rogues that are beneath you and get people who actually know how to do damage. Hell, there is a 715 DK there doing more damage than some of them.... (hint its probably becasue those people died which is a huge indicator of how potentially bad they are)



Oh wait..... Only one of those guys under you actually died (a mage) what are your warlock, frost DK (what frost? play unholy pls), enhance, and rogue actually doing....


edit oh the DK is 715, playing frost and beating ppl..... yea...


ITs not really too much you, its more the people around you not killing the boss fast enough to pull their own weight.


Here is my last log, I still feel like i do terrible on that fight, but theres not much I can do when the hands come out and everyone rapes them (hell our kill times are still way too long because we usually have 2 carries)

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