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How to get "The Proven Assailant" as Warrior DPS[Endless wave 30+]

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So guys I will now teach you how to get the title "The Proven Assailant" from proving grounds. To get the title you have to do 30+ endless waves and this is incredibly easy, especially if you have the legendary ring. I really encourage everybody to get it who cares about achievements/titles since it really requires no effort. If you already have this title just ignore this guide.




So you're probably thinking, fury or arms? The best spec is currently arms, since fury is really bad with low crit chance (not much enrage uptime etc).


What talents?




15 talent: Double Time. Double charge is simply the best since you normally don’t use charges regularly and it’s nice to use two right away if you need it.


30 talent: irrelevant


45 talent: Sudden Death. Best single target and proving  grounds is mostly single target. You’re normally


60 talent: Shockwave. Really useful for stunning the banana adds in the perfect place and sweeping strikes execute them.


75 talent: irrelevant


90 talent: Bladestorm. You might ask: Why not avatar? Simply because bladestorm destroys everything(try it out) and you can have it for almost every wave. Another big plus is you can take the Amber bubbles without getting stunned. This talent is a must!


100 talent: Ravager. Not reallyt hat crazy but I feel this talent is best, compared to the other poor alternatives.






“Well I have full mythic HFC, I will just go in and rape everything”. Yerh you can do but you’re just gonna make things so much harder for yourself.


To get the best gear for proving grounds you need to have every piece of equipment as close to 600 as possible EXCEPT for trinkets and legendary ring.


So yerh uneqiup that mythic weapon and put on a 630 weapon or something lower. Weapon scaling is insane and therefore only makes it harder. BiS drops from skyreach normal but you do not need to farm this to just get the title.


If you’re having trouble getting 600 item lvl gear I recommend using heirloom gear(fully upgraded). Heirloom gear is 605 item lvl, which is pretty much the best you can get without putting too much effort into farming gear.


Good trinkets are Alchemy trinket and on use stats(clarity, scabbard, double sided coin).


For consumables simply use greater strength flask and critical food buff. You can also use Mecha-Blast Rocket, which do insane damage. Use these if you’re having trouble









So yerh I could explain in text what to do on each wave, but that’s gonna take quite a while. If you are curious about what to do on each wave, simply watch the video above. I can quickly recap what waves you need to be alert on:


Wave 1: easy


Wave 2: Normal(kill healer and interrupt):




Wave 4: Hard(use the amber bubbles to kill the adds)


Wave 5: Easy(use CDS’ to kill the big guy when shield is down)


Wave 6: Place a ravager in the middle and kill the big dudes:


Wave 7: Bladestorm!


Wave 8: Kill healer


Wave 9: Hard( Kill banana dude and use amber bubble)


Wave 10: USE CDS and ring when shield is off. Easy

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