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Balance Druid needing Proving Grounds advice

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Here is my Simple Armoury view.  In this particular instance, I am not using a specific rotation I guess (I'm also weak on the jargon). I have no logs to share at this time.


I am getting stuck on Waves 5/6 because of the Mystic heals.  I have been searching Google for days now trying to find something that is not Hunter videos or DK/Frost Mage recommendations to help me solve this problem.  It is VERY frustrating that the whole bleeding Internet can't come up with good advice on this.


I am indeed using Solar Beam, but apparently I am doing so at the wrong time, not knowing when the right time might be.  My Typhoon seems to have no effect.


I did get past a Wave 2 hump due to another Druid suggesting some Haste enchants and a Tier 7 Talent adjustment, but even with those and the Yak Broth buff, I'm only getting to Wave 6 maybe 1/3 of the time, and then losing at one of those two points because I can't get those Mystics down fast enough.


All I want to do is have a chance at Hatespark and the Core Hound.


Please help?


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The correct time to use Solar beam is when that add is CASTING his heal.  If you're haivng trouble burning it down, make sure you save your Celestial alignment for it to burn it down ASAP.


Another thing you could do is kite the Amber globule (from another add in the proving ground) to stun the mystic add. 


You MUST kill it before it gets the 2nd cast off becasue you more than likely wont have a solar beam if it gets to try 3 and 4.


TL;DR: Kill the healing add, solar beam WHILE he is casting, use the amber blobs to stun him, use cooldowns on the healer. (the healer is above all the most important thing to kill)


Small tip: If the add is at low health, and its about to get another cast off, jsut try to spam all your starsurge charges (at as high energy as you can) to try to burst it down. IF the add doesn't die after you landed 2 back to back starsurges into it, then it wasn't worth to cast the 2 at the same time and you essentially wasted the extra empowerment procs.

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Thanks for the reply, Krazyito (hey, we're kind of local to each other!).  Unfortunately, Wave 5 has no amber-caster for me to exploit.  I haven't been able to notice, given my frustrations - do the Mystics have a casting bar so I can tell for certain when to use Solar Beam?  Or should I get an addon to assist with this?  (If so, which?)


Let me see if I have the sequence right, for Wave 5 at least:  Ignore the virmen, start rotation against the Mystic, ID the healing cast and interrupt, immediately deploy Celestial Alignment then hit it as hard as possible.  Correct?  Should I have a Starfall going to work on the virmen at the same time?

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Hmm... I've done the PG as fast as I hit 100 and just stomped both silver and bronze... So I do not remember what caused me trouble... This may be due to spending lots of time to get pandaren endless PG... 


As for healing cast bar - I'm using addon called "Tidy plates" which does show me when the add is casting. I'm not sure about default frames.


I don't know if I'm right or wrong, but I suggest you using starfall if there's like 3 or more targets. Starfall is just that good, expecially if you have to move ant do not have time to cast. That wave with lots of little adds is where the starfall shines. 

As for tallents:

@60 I think I did not use trees.. I probably went with incarnation.

@75 mighty bash is the way to go, expecially if you're having trouble with healers - stun them when they're casting stuff.

@100 i had euphoria, cause it was best level 100 talent.


And get rid of that Glyph of guided stars... I personally hate this glyph, it's like braking your own legs and getting in a wheelchair to compete in a running contest... There's no raid content I can think of where this would be usefull - extra dps on adds is allways a nice thing. And about pulling trash when it's not needed - you'll just have to learn how far 40 yd is.


P.S.: I don't know if anything changed regarding boomkins and PGs, but compared to pandaria PGs boomkins aren't as lame as they were back there - so just practise and you will get this. 


P.P.S.: While you're not a hunter, a mage or DK these videos are still of use to you - you can learn how to deal with certain types of adds. In pandaria I did PG as a hunt (cause as a boomkin I couldn't get past gold 9 wave....) and that experience really helped me a lot in WoD. 


So good luck, and post if you'll need more help.

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hi there! not sure if youre still having problems but I am just now seeing this and I thought I would throw in my 2 cents. I got to wave 45 endless pretty easily with practice and wiped to trying to attempt a photo on my phone to be a smart ass. BUT 2 few easy pointers that helped significantly was starfalling the entire time yes? other talents soul of the forest and euphoria of course but a key one that you can use on those menders is the disorienting roar, and you want to position yourself near one of them(this is for the wave that has 2 of them) and have solar beam ready for the other one, so all I did was select the furthest one and waiting for the casting animations so I could silence both of them. another trick I learned doing endless was let them cast the first heal because they usually are trying to heal a weaker mob because they take more dmg and it was worth letting them get 1 off then letting them die first because I wanted the healers to die immediately. also if youre doing endless you get little berserks or hero or blood lust on the ground I saved each one for a sha wave, 5 and 10 I believe? also saved all my cds for those parts as well, for learning you may use them other places til you get each wave memorized, but yeah starfall and multi dot the entire thing, only time I was ever casting was on a sha after the shield was off. HOPE this helps if anything or anyone else who may read this. Can always msg me with any questions too.

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