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Hearthstone: Trolden's Funny and Lucky Moments #164 and #165

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Trolden is still releasing new content at a very fast rate, and who can blame him. Yogg-Saron, Hope's End has, unsurprisingly, provided him with a whole wealth of new material. Many of the cards in the rest of the new set have also given him a great supporting cast.

In Episode 164, people fail to learn that Yogg-Saron draws them cards. Alongside that, Renounce Darkness presents us with an unwelcome reminder of a meta that many people have already forgotten existed.

In Episode 165, Yogg-Saron does crazy things, again. This time the support crew is Shadowcaster, Thistle Tea, Summoning Stone, Master of Evolution, and Undercity Huckster.

It is good to see that although Yogg-Saron is clearly set to remain a large part of these videos, that Trolden has remembered there are plenty of other ridiculous things happen in the game.

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