[US-Turalyon][H]<Inside Job> 9/13M We are recruiting current progression and Legion!!

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Hello and welcome!


<Inside Job> is a fairly new semi-hardcore guild on Turalyon! We are looking for dedicated individuals to fill our current mythic HFC roster. We are also recruiting everything for Legion! We have a solid core of raiders that have been playing together since Everquest. We have all done the 5 nights a week raiding and no longer have the time to do that anymore, but still have the desire to finish all end game content. Currently we are 9/13M in HFC. Inside Job is an adult guild with most of our players being mid 20's or older. We are seeking mature 18+ applicants. We also just don't raid and log off for the night either. We all play a variety of games outside WoW as well (The Division, Blade and Soul, Diablo III, League of Legends, etc.) We welcome socials as well! biggrin.png



Raid Times: 

  • Only 2 nights a week!
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays - 9PM-12AM EST.  



  • We use Loot Council. Players receive loot based upon performance and what will benefit the raid team.


Minimum requirements (current mythic progression:)

  • Mythic experience  
  • 730 ilvl 
  • Legendary ring (762 ilvl or higher)  
  • Working headset and mic required  
  • At least 2 piece tier set (heroic or higher)  
  • At least an 80% attendance


What we expect from our wonderful raiders!  

  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of your class including off specs  
  • Having a motivated and positive mindset  
  • Knowledgeable of upcoming encounters/mechanics    
  • Ability to handle some constructive criticism   
  • Ability to do odd jobs/mechanics (Sacrificing healing/dps.)

Our recruitment needs:


We are seeking all exceptional players! If you don't see your class or spec listed, please still feel free to apply!  



Boomkin: MEDIUM  

Ele Shaman: HIGH  

Mage: MEDIUM  

Priest: MEDIUM  

Warlock: MEDIUM  

Death Knight: HIGH  

Rogue: HIGH 



Resto Druid: HIGH  

Resto Shaman: HIGH  

Holy Priest: MEDIUM  

Mist Monk: HIGH   

Holy Paladin: MEDIUM 



Please feel free to contact any one of our officers for any questions/concerns! We would love to hear from you! smile.png






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