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"Nine Inches Unbuffed" Is a Reformed guild that started back in Cataclysm, with Naxx 40, Sunwell Pre Nerf experienced leaders and core members. The guild was created During DS and manged to clear Full HC in 6 weeks during the 5% Buff with no hesitation, we where playing as a 4 day raiding hardcore guild back then, although for the time being we are more laid back into a 2 day Hardcore raiding guild. Most of our hardcore raiders just started playing again after a long break.

We are Currently recruiting All Classes & Specs for a full Mythic clear & for the upcoming expansion "Legion", we expect top skills, dedication & previous experience to clear the mythic content as soon as possible. 

The recruitment is open to all skilled players although you have to meet the requirements in which we are very strict with as follows:

-Previous End Game Experience is Mandatory
-Being able to Maximize your class outcome meanwhile maintaining high standards on tactics.
-Being able to have an attendance of 90-100%
-Acceptable gear for the current content

* We have no time to carry - one person makes a difference *

Raiding Days:

Wednesday: 18:00 - 22:00 ST

Sunday: 18:00 - 22:00 ST

Feel free to add me for more information: Posative#2456

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