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[US-ZUL'JIN][H] <Vae Victae> N13/13 | H13/13 | M5/13, Open recruiting for 30man Legion

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Vae Victae - Zul'jin US

We also have a community Facebook!


About Us:  Vae Victae was formed in 2007 and has been under Thehrmit's (GM) leadership for nearly the entire life of the guild.  That being said we have a low turn over rate for Veteran players.  Many of us have a long history with guild and have made life-long friends.  Most people who leave us to try something new usually end up returning eventually because of our community ;).  I can't offer you cutting edge Mythic progression but we do have an excellent community for retired hardcore players or players willing to learn and better themselves. We have plenty of friendly faces!  Also, outside of raiding we have done CMs and in guild CM carries for the past 2 expansions successfully.  Additionally, we have a few competitive achievement hunters who run weekly guild mount/mog runs and legacy content.  Even if you don't plan on raiding this guild might be for you! Come have some fun with us :)


Schedule: We raid late night.  Tues/Wed/Thurs, 10:50pm-1am EST.  Invites go out 15-20mins early to start trash and raid prep.  Short raid nights mean ALWAYS come prepared and ready to go!


Progression/Legion Plan: Currently, 5/13 Mythic, 13/13 Heroic HFC.  Our goal for Legion is full Heroic clears and a couple mythic bosses here and there. I'm openly recruiting to boost our current 20man and fill a 30 man roster for Legion. We are a very casual guild and as a result are pretty easy going but we do have some rules.  

See our guild policies here


Recruiting Needs: Open recruiting.  Ideally 15-20 applicants would be fantastic!  We're expanding our community even further for Legion.  Exceptional players always welcome.  Healer, DPS, and Tank positions will always be considered for the right people. If you're knowledgeable about your class and have reasonable raid awareness feel free to apply!  Fill out this app below and post in the comments or add me on btag if you prefer to discuss privately.   Contact: Roarey @ Roarey #1563 or Gotsbows @ Wackyme#1763



Character Name:

Current WoW Playtime (for your current main):

Armory Link:

Our Raid Days/Times are Tues/Wed/Thursday 10:50 pm-1:00 am Server (EST);

estimate your monthly raid attendance. We expect 80% attendance over a month.

What is your preferred raid spec, be prepared to defend your spec:

Do you have a raid ready offspec you would be willing to play:

List your raiding experience pre-WoD:

What content have you raided in WoD:

What is your plan for Legion:

Please post recent combat logs here if you have them: 

Any current Vae Victae members vouch for you?

Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself or toon?

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