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Hearthstone: European Spring Preliminary Times and Notable Players

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The Europe Spring Preliminary takes place on the weekend of May 14-15, where the final eight players will gain qualification into the Europe Spring Championship next month.

Friday 13th won't be unlucky for 32 of the players in the Tavern Heroes Tournament. Players have been qualifying at local events throughout the spring season for this event, and all of the qualifiers will play in the Tavern Heroes Tournament until 32 remain. Those players will gain entry into the Spring Preliminary, alongside the 128 players who qualified on points.

There are many notable players in the Preliminary. DrHippi, Nicslay, Cereza, pokrovac, Bunnyhoppor, Diggen, and Tars all return after their efforts in the Winter Championship, which was won by Naiman.

The list is also full of top tier pro players. Rdu, Hoej, Xixo, Pavel, Kolento, Thijs, AKAWonder, Cipher, Sjow, Crane, Neirea, StanCifka, Blackout, Ignite, Legendaren, Loyan, Laughing, Ness, Modernleper, Senfglas, Nick Chipper, Greensheep, Superjj, Powder, and Tixuty all jump out off the page at a glance. There are other players that are also very strong, who are possibly less well known, that I have omitted from the list. If you want to check if your favourite qualified, you can see their points here.


The Preliminary will be covered in English on PlayHearthstone's Twitch channel. Blizzard have provided a list of streams in other languages, here. The same page also lists the locations from where the players will be competing. If you want to go along to watch from one of those locations, then you will be welcome. If you participate in a side event at a location live on the day, you'll unlock the Power Core card back just for taking part.

The streams will cover the event from 1400-2200 CEST on the 14th and 15th of May. Sottle, deck guide writer for Icy Veins, is among the casting crew.

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