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The winners of our second giveaway have been notified! We also have a nice pie chart from the results of the class representation poll and the top 10 of the most popular NPCs!




Our second giveaway is over and we were really hyped at how popular it was! A round of applause for all of you, guys and girls: your response was amazing! The 100 winners were notified by a Personal Message here in the forums. Have fun in the Beta!


Class representation poll results


We wanted to hide the poll results to increase the suspense, but alas something didn't work right. At any case, we had 127 more votes than replies which means that some people forgot to reply (oops) or some overly zealous people voted twice. We don't mind though: with a total of 10822 votes, we have a really good sample. This is a screenshot of the poll results:





Or if you are into pie charts, I made one (it's my first time, so don't be too harsh):




With 12.04% of the votes, Demon Hunter comes first. The new Hero class had a solid lead throughout the duration of the giveaway. It's obvious that quite a few people can't wait to get their hands on this new class and indeed it looks quite flashy and mobile in the Alpha/Beta. Only one question remains: will people just try the Demon Hunter or will they stick with it as their main?


Paladin follows with 10,69% of the votes. Paladin proves once again how strong and popular it is considered. Having the beloved Ashbringer as an artifact weapon definitely helps too. The other three-role class, Druid, comes third and Death Knight follows closely, with a margin of only 44 votes. This shows that the first Hero class of World of Warcraft still has a dedicated following.


Hunter snatched the fifth spot with 960 votes (8,87%). Hunter had a slow start in the first few days of the poll, but quickly picked up the next days. It's one of the classes that will receive major changes in Legion. I am honestly surprised that Warrior is sixth (8,39%): it is a consistently fan-favourite class in most RPGs and it has been strong throughout most expansions of World of Warcraft.


Shaman passed Warlock by merely 2 votes (807 to 805)! Warlock actually had a great start, occasionally passing even Warrior. Mage is ninth with 794 votes (7,34%). As a Mage myself, I am outraged with our low placement. Isn't the site's name Icy Veins for crying out loud? Nah, it's fine - I am joking! Priest is 10 votes behind Mage, with a percentage of 7,25%. Rogue is a difficult class to master and has mostly a utility role; it's not surprising that it ended up so low. Finally, the newest class of World of Warcraft, Monk, is last with only 5% of the votes.


Top 10 of your favourite class NPCs


Before we say anything about this section, you should definitely have the following in mind:




With people not voting a favourite NPC at all, or voting more than one NPCs, or voting an NPC from a different class, or voting some really weird "NPCs" (like the bankers in Stormwind or Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones) and with the amount of replies in our topic, it was almost impossible compiling an accurate list.


We've gone through a substantial amount of replies to get a first idea of the trends in your posts and then we've used a program to help us with the rest. We hope you take the following top 10 light-heartedly, as we did: it's not something set in stone, it was just a list that was done for fun. Although there is no denying who the winner is...


10. Jaina Proudmoore (around 264 votes)




The current leader of the Kirin Tor and former lover of Arthas is 10th in your preferences. Even though quite a few Mages dislike her, it is undeniable that she is the first Mage NPC that comes to mind. She is the original Mage hero in Hearthstone and a ranged assassin in Heroes of the Storm, and she definitely has a place in the pantheon of Mage NPCs. It is also interesting that even though Mages are quite low in the poll results, Jaina managed to find a place in this top 10. What will her fate in Legion be? Is she indeed a dreadlord?


9. Uther the Lightbringer (around 338 votes)




Even though an alive Uther has never been shown in the game (only memories of him or his ghost) and he is a character of the past, he still enjoys popularity in the hearts of the WoW fanbase. It helps that he is the original Paladin Hero in Hearthstone, master of BM'ing and a support hero in HotS (also part of the tutorial). In the first days of the giveaway, Uther fought a good popularity battle with Tirion, the other Paladin NPC, but afterwards he fell behind.


8. Gul'dan (around 348 votes)




Another surprise: the villainous Gul'dan is 8th in your preferences. He is responsible for all evil things from events way before World of Warcraft up until the demonic invasion of the Burning Legion in the upcoming expansion. To be fair, Warlocks can't be completely characterised as heroes or morally good and they do lack an NPC hero. Whether you like it or not, Gul'dan is the most recognisable Warlock, also being the Warlock hero in Hearthstone.


7. Sylvanas Windrunner (around 349 votes)




Sylvanas was super close to both Gul'dan and Uther, with their rankings perhaps being interchangeable. It was slightly weird seeing her mentioned so much, because she is technically not a class NPC. She is a Dark Ranger, although I guess a lot of Hunters feel that she could be their mentor. Anyway, Sylvanas has been a fan-favourite character for ages and I am sure she will be a key character in Legion. The Banshee Queen also had a good lead in the first days of the giveaway, even going as far as the 4th place, but she fell short in the end.


6. Rexxar (around 416 votes)




Hunter was the fourth most popular class, so it's natural to see Rexxar place sixth in the overall preferences. The half-ogre, half-orc beastmaster is one of the few well-known Hunter NPCs. His favourite animal companion is Misha the bear, although he has reportedly been seen going face and preferring Huffer in a card game. Rexxar has appeared in most World of Warcraft expansions and we are eager to see his potential role in Legion!


5. Tirion Fordring (around 432 votes)




Paladins showed their power once again, not only being second in the class representation post, but also getting two purely Paladin NPCs (not like Sylvanas or even Rexxar, for example) in this top 10. Uther may have been the first Paladin of the Knights of the Silver Hand, but most WoW players will remember Tirion and his crucial role during Wrath of the Lich King. It is difficult not to reminisce fondly of the days of Icecrown Citadel and Tirion as the main adversary of the Lich King. Or if you go even more back in time, who can forget the moment when you find him in a cottage by the river in Eastern Plaguelands? He will always have a special place in our hearts.


4. Arthas / The Lich King (around 531 votes)




Again, as we warned you in the beginning, things get complicated: a lot of people (around 314 to be exact) voted just for Arthas, others just mentioned "The Lich King" and, as we know, the current Lich King is Bolvar Fordragon. Anyway, most of you did mean the "old" Lich King (that is, Arthas), which makes sense since he is one of the most iconic characters of World of Warcraft. From some datamined info that actually surfaced today, we might get to see Arthas or some short of echo/memory of him in Legion.


3. Malfurion Stormrage (around 538 votes)




Malfurion was very close to Arthas/Lich King, but from my calculations, I still think Illidan's big bro had the lead. Malfurion Stormrage is the first Night Elf Druid and is one of the oldest and most powerful characters in World of Warcraft. He also appears as a Hero and as a Support in Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm respectively. Shan'do Malfurion is a teacher to all Druids and his role in Legion will definitely be catalytic. It will be interesting to see his reunion and interaction with long lost brother, Illidan. One thing is certain: the Stormrage brothers are very popular!


2. Thrall (around 608 votes)




Where to even begin about this guy? He is present since Warcraft III, he has helped save the world countless times in World of Warcraft, he is also present in Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm and he received the respect (and votes) of both Horde and Alliance players. Thrall isn't just an iconic Shaman or an iconic (former) Horde leader: simply put, he is just an amazing hero. In Warlords of Draenor (and from what it seems, in Legion too), he has taken a step back and embraced his role as a family man and a daddy. However, I don't think anyone will last long without  Thrall stepping in and taking all the glory saving the situation!


1. Illidan Stormrage (around 1300 votes)




The one, the only, he even beat Green Jesus himself, ladies and gentlemen I present your winner: Illidan Stormrage! Illidan had a massive lead throughout the whole duration of the giveaway. It wasn't only the first-ranking Demon Hunter class that voted for him. Everyone wants to see his grand return and his redemption in Legion - he is in the cover of the expansion, for crying out loud! Blizzard must be really happy that they brought him back, since Illidan enjoys immense popularity among the fanbase.


That's all, folks! We hope you enjoyed this giveaway, with its side poll and popularity contest. We look forward to seeing you around! Tata!

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Nice chart ! I thought demon hunter were not that popular ! I didn't win anything but that was fun thank you :-)

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It is a pity that I did not win, maybe another time.


Hopefully keys got real people, not a Twinkie accounts.

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once again another contest where the same people gets keys and me don't get a thing <.<

Edited by vitor210

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where do i find out if i won a key or not ?


You'll have a message in your forum inbox if you have.

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where do i find out if i won a key or not ?


You'll have a message in your forum inbox if you have.


oh ok thx m8 seems i didnt win ;( anyway gz all who did

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