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Hey everyone! Real life took a large toll on our guild in the last few months so I'm hoping to find some new members to bolster our ranks. I've been around on Silver Hand for a long long time. I've seen members come and go, some of which I am still in contact with that no longer play Wow. I have very few active members currently but anticipating more to return upon Legions launch so I won't make promises to you to get you to join, just a little information. I play games and I enjoy games, but online games are always much better with people to experience it with you. I'm looking for the players that who are not only interested in the pixels and what they can do with you or for you, but the people that exist behind those pixels. People who enjoy interacting with each other and not just for what they can help you with in game. This guild is a place to have fun and make friends kill some bosses and get some loot. Play how you want as long as you can be respectful to everyone in and out of the guild alike. I am sure this post will get its share of criticism and that's fine, the way I run things doesn't seem to be the norm now. If you are interested, please cruise by our website If you'd like to ask questions please feel free to message me on enjin, in game (tell or mail) or at ill be happy to answer any and all questions. Officer positions are also currently available - this will require some discussion with myself and the officers if you are interested.

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I hope you don't mind, I slightly edited your title, so that it shows the list of connected realms in alphabetical order :p

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