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heroes HotS: Hell Billie, Connectivity Issues, Weekly Sales, Tweets Round-up

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A news round-up featuring the Hell Billie mount, Connectivity Issues in Europe, Weekly Sale Items, Tweets and latest videos!

Introducing Hell Billie!

A new mount is joining the menagerie!

Beginning June 2, you will be rewarded the Hell Billie mount for any real-money purchase in the in-game shop. Hell Billie's arrival also marks the well-desired retirement of Billie the Kid (as seen in the picture above on the left). The mount was previously rewarded to every player that made a real-money purchase in the shop. Here's how Hell Billie looks like:


Fear not if you don't yet own Billie the Kid, the mount will be given away in addition to Hell Billie from Thursday, June 2, through Tuesday, June 14, 2016. After that, Hell Billie will be the only reward for making a real-money purchase.

Connectivity Issues Fixed

Users have been reporting high latency in the European region on reddit lately. The issue seems to have been fixed according to this thread.  Araxom has made several responses related to the lags.

Blizzard LogoAraxom

Hi all, we're aware of the reports and are currently gathering info from players in this thread.

Edit: 11:40pm CEST - For those of you who have not recently tested, please let me know if you're still experiencing the issue.

Zuzkins posted the issues seems to have been fixed and got yet another blue response.

Blizzard LogoAraxom

Appreciate the update!

Weekly Sale Items: May 31 - June 7, 2016

The following items will be added in next week's sale:

  • Tassadar - $3.24 USD // 3.19 EUR // 2.49 GBP
  • Mecha Tassadar Skin - $7.49 USD // 7.49 EUR // 5.49 GBP
  • Centurion Johanna Skin - $3.74 USD // 3.69 EUR // 2.70 GBP


Dustin Browder Tweets

Dustin was asked a question if there were any plans to make the role of support as healer bots any different, following player complaints.

Placeholder for tweet 736230568069758977

Talking about unfinished features that are in the works are a nightmare of every game developer. Even Dustin admitted that he was talking about Arena.

Placeholder for tweet 735530352014303232

And of course, Arena is far from complete yet, we still got no ETA.

Placeholder for tweet 735522301928562689

Heroes of the Storm WTF Moments #51

Heroes of the Storm Highlights have published yet another episode of WTF Moments, check it out below.

Heroes of the Storm: WP and Funny Moments #68

Darkhoru is back with a new episode of WP and Funny Moments.


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I want HellBilly.  That is all.

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^ Haha yeah same. Just to clarify, if you spend money from Thursday, June 2, through Tuesday, June 14, 2016, you get both Billie the Kid and Hell Billie mounts right? (If you don't already have Billie the Kid.)

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10 hours ago, 18sp01 said:

^ Haha yeah same. Just to clarify, if you spend money from Thursday, June 2, through Tuesday, June 14, 2016, you get both Billie the Kid and Hell Billie mounts right? (If you don't already have Billie the Kid.)

Indeed, you will get both :), if you already own him, you will only get Hell Billie. After June 14, you will just get Hell Billie regardless of whether you own Billie the Kid or not. Hope this clears it up.

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