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bad dps on primordius

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Hello fellow mages!

Yesterday my guild and I had a few try on Primordius; the boss went down quite easily, though I'm not satisfied at all about my dps.

I think that the two main problems are:

- I didn't kill the adds fast enough

- I took the debuff two times.

Nevertheless I noticed how in the burst phase (as soon as all dps were fully mutated we popped BL) my dps were not as high as it was supposed to be.

This is me:

This is the log of the kill:

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When you were on the boss with BL up, you were basically just spamming Frostbolt and didn't use your FF procs on Ice Lance. Even though those attacks don't benefit from the extra haste, you still don't want to sit at 2 charges for any reason, because the FF Ice Lances just hit so hard.

Also, on a fight like this with so many adds and so much movement, you want to make more frequent use of Nether Tempest. If you don't have enough GCD's to keep it on more than 3 targets at a time, then Living Bomb might be a better choice. Drop it on slimes with low health so they will blow more quickly and allow you to dot up another add.

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Just to add on to Tarazet, the biggest issues I see are the debuffs on you. You had both debuffs on you for over a minute... that's pretty substantial. There's just really no reason for catching those debuffs.

I'd say just be aware of your positioning. I always position myself in a place where I really don't have to move once I'm fully mutated. With your ilvl, you're right in recognizing that something is very wrong.

I sit around 130k dps at 500 ilvl. This is with 25M, though, but you can get an idea of where you should be with 517 ilvl.

Good luck!

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Hello fellow mage!

I would like to also add some things to the posts above!

First of all, the biggest problem was indeed the uptime of negative debuffs. If you get one of them, it is... Kinda oookkaaayyy... Having two is BAAD! Ask for a dispel and get mutated again.

Secondly, look at the uptime difference of Nether tempest between me and you.

This, means less Brain Freeze procs that you could have shot at Primordius. And consequently, less finger of frost charges. But in fact, you've shot more Ice lances than me. That's weird oO :D

But as a contrary, you had 45 brain freezes, I had 75.

But to be frank, you could do what people above me suggested with living bomb. But I still think that Nether tempest is stronger for this. Your tanks should be able to clear the adds without any problem.

Just a quick question, did you have a debuff on you during BL? That might have affected your DPS as well as not spending FoF procs.

I would by the way, only focus on the adds when I don't have the debuff. Dot up 2 (which are preferably almost near each other) and burst them down for red puddles. Once you are transformed, just focus on Primordius, pop CDs (or if you'll have BL soon wait for it).

Now, in connection with your talents. I would personally drop PoM, and choose blazing speed instead. You can easily use it to reposition yourself away from red and purple puddles when you are mutated. While people suggest to stand in the middle, I found it better to just stand middle range behind the boss, because there are usually really few puddles roaming around, and you can always move when you reapply NT or spend FoF and Brain Freeze procs.

One more thing... Just don't cast Cone of Cold.. :D Pretty useless on that fight. Adds are usually nost stacked, only in melee range and CoC does not slow them.

Remove Glyph of momentum glyph for this fight... it messes up with your blink :3

And just a little bit of adjustment for about like... ~200 DPS.. :D You are 0,02% under hit cap, which can mean you MIGHT miss with a Frostbolt. it's very unlikely, but it can happen. Just use ReforgeLite! addon and enjoy the stuff it does for you ;)

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I would by the way, only focus on the adds when I don't have the debuff. Dot up 2 (which are preferably almost near each other) and burst them down for red puddles. Once you are transformed, just focus on Primordius, pop CDs (or if you'll have BL soon wait for it).

Just wanted to jump in and affirm this part in particular as well. Once I'm fully mutated, I don't bother with adds at all. I pretty much just tunnel Primordius and it works pretty well. The adds die so fast, I really don't think it's worth dotting them with Nether Tempest and wasting that GCD.

Also, like Oltier said, I would also agree with Blazing Speed. I can get my 5 stacks so fast with Blink + Blazing Speed to go through some oozes that have just died.

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