Old Gods cards in wild format deck lists?

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My question is this, why are there no decks listed in the wild constructed play category that include the new OG cards. When the expansion first came out i checked the site, as i am a daily visitor, and understood that the new stuff would take time to be worked into functional decks. I decided to just keep checking in to see the new decks as they were posted. Plenty of standard stuff but all of the wild decks seem largely  un-altered and still contain none of the new OG cards. Surely the Hearthestone team at Icy-veins has seen that the most formidable decks currently in wild format ranked play include several OG cards and synergies, C'Thun being the most favored among them. I just wondered if and when the wild deck lists will include some new cards. The old champ decks of constructed play, like late game warrior and its interchangeable high cost legendaries can no longer compete with OG influenced decks like late game c'thun or N'zoth warrior which is wrecking wild format due to access to staple cards like sludge belcher. N'zoth + 2 dead sludge belchers on top of any other dead deathrattle makes for an insane and instant board presence. Just sayin, its worth a look. 

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Standard has currently higher priority than wild, but there are some decks that already include WotoG cards: most of meta Hunter decks, Tempo Mage, Aggro paladin decks and Aggro and Midrange shaman. Sottle is actively working to get as many decks as soon as possible, and I am sure that within a month, we will have our beloved wild decks. In the meantime, I can help you make wild decks with WotoG cards in the Rate/Improve my deck thread.

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