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[2 Players][H] LF GUILD

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My brother and I are getting back into the game full swing for legion. We would like to start raiding current content that transitions into legion with like minded players. We have both played the game since beta (and before that Everquest) and were in some top raiding guilds during classic, BC and WOTLK. I am playing warrior/paladin (prot/dps) he is playing shaman (resto/dps). Won't go into full story mode here but we are both in our late 20s and just started looking for a mature guild that is established and reliable with the same goals in mind.

Just seeing what is out there via this forum.

feel free to contact me, staying horde but server xfers wont be an issue

kalvaran#1169 & joe.sgueglia@gmail.com (gmail and skype)

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Hello, I'm not sure if you and your brother are still looking for a guild or not but my guild <Like A Boss> @ Bloodscalp is currently looking for more DPS to join our H HFC 12/13H roster. We are a small 10-man guild (recently came back from a 4+ year break) that has been running flexible raids, with the goal of raiding Mythic-level content in Legion. We raid Tues/Wed/Sun from 6:30pm PST to 8:30pm PST. If this interests you and/or you would like to hear more, please add me at Reikettsu-Bloodscalp or Ryozul#1598. (: 

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Guild: <Reincarnated Rage>
Progression: 13/13N 13/13H 4/13M
Server: Bonechewer
Faction: Horde

Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs/Sun @7:45 EST. Manno/Arch Heroic and Mythic Progression
We are currently looking for:

- Dps pulling 75-85k
- Warrior Dps with Tank OS
- Ret Paladin with Tank/Heal OS
- Rogue
- All other Exceptional Raiders

Current Goal: To progress through mythic hfc while waiting for legion

About Reincarnated Rage:
Guild was created over 7 months ago by two good friends who have been playing world of warcraft together since WoTLK. We have sense grown into an amazing community of 400+ members who are into all sorts of aspects. Our raid team is currently 4/13M and looking to keep moving forward as a group. During the week we run many different events from mythics to normal HFC to help gear out members whether they are new to the game or just gearing a new toon. We require a 710iLvL to join our main heroic core team and 720ilvl for our mythic progression. Our main goal is to have fun and kill stuff. We know how to have a laugh but also know when its time to buckle down and be serious. Our current raid leaders have been raiding together for over 8 years between WoW and Everquest. They are very experienced at putting together high end competitive guilds. We are looking to push mythic as we wait for legion to drop so if you think you might be a good fit find us in game or contact us on our website.

Contact: Chick#11682(GL)/Walk#1290(Recruiting Officer) or reincarnaterage.enjin.com

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