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Getting to rank 7 on wild mode - and an update on my experiences / thoughts

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Previously, I used Zalae's Dragon Priest to streak from rank 18 to 11 on Wild mode. Now I go from 11 to 7 using Secrets N'Zoth Paladin. The deck doesn't really need an introduction. It is very very strong. When you have used up all of your threats... you play N'Zoth and bring them back. A massive swing!

My experiences of Wild mode so far are as follows:

- Not many people seem to be playing it - so at rank 9, I could get matched up with a rank 5 opponent!

- Secrets paladin, patron warrior and zoolock were common opponents for me - with the occasional freeze mage, midrange hunter, tempo mage and rogue. Druids seemed non-existent!

- I am really happy to be able to play Sludge Belcher again - such a useful taunt in protecting my face from lethal. I am less thrilled to see my opponents playing Dr Boom... I put Dr Boom into my deck (replacing one Secret Keeper) and then took him out again when I wasn't getting enough early game. Also, playing Boom in this N'Zoth deck is not always helpful, since the Boom Bots come back to life and they take up space. So Tirion, Shredders and Belchers have less chance of coming back.

- Zoolock has access to Nerubian Egg again. Coining it out on turn 1, and then activating the deathrattle on turn 2 gives them an unstoppable board presence. When you combine this with Old Gods cards like Darkshire Councilman... well... Zoolock can be unstoppable- which is why I run double Consecration in this deck.



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On 07/06/2016 at 6:47 AM, Valkyr said:

So no rogues or shamans in wild? IS wild easier to climb than standard?

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I have done both Wild and Standard this season. 

Yes - I would argue Wild is easier for climbing. I have seen Priests, Druids, Hunters and Warriors  in Wild. Only a couple of Rogues and Shamans - but this is just based on my play experience.

Wild is far more unpredictable.

I just hit rank 5 with a mixture of Paladin and Dragon Priest on WIld. In order to get rank 5, I beat a DRAGON Hunter. That shows how strange and unpredictable it is :-)


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