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[Sentinels][A] <Perfect Storm> recruiting for Legion

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Perfect Storm is recruiting all classes and specs for Legion
Perfect Storm remains one of the oldest alliance guilds on the US-Sentinels Server. Long time members have committed years to the development of the culture within our guild. We have managed to minimize the typical drama that creeps into guilds over time. We look forward to spending time with each other, either in raids or other social activities with in the game. Our light raiding schedule allows us to down as much content as possible, while still holding to the belief that WoW should be fun to play, not a second job.
Our Weekly Schedule

  • Monday: 7:30pm server Light hearted PvP fun
  • Tuesday: 7:30-9:00pm server Raid Current Content
  • Saturday: 7:00pm server Old Raid Achievement fun runs/other social activities
  • Sunday: 7:00-10:30pm server Raid Current Content

Raiding and other activities are not required, but are an integral part of our guild, and we encourage applicants to make an effort to join the fun!

What We Provide

  • A members only Facebook page updated frequently with videos of our raids, boss strategy videos for preparation, humor and good fun
  • Raid Repairs
  • Raid buff food
  • Pots/Flasks/etc for raid
  • Free transmog items in the guild bank for those who like to change up their look
  • Minor gearing help for active raiders
  • LIGHTHEARTED raiding. You will not be called out, judged on performance, or held to hardcore standards.


What We Expect

  • No drama. Guild chat, raid progression, loot etc will never be allowed to tear the guild apart.
  • Main character. We do not accept alts to park in our guild.
  • Age: 18+ .  Perfect Storm is an adult guild, with adult content in guild chat and vent.
  • No begging/mooching.  While we are a friendly group that frequently help one another, as any good guild should... we don't give handouts, leveling runs, etc.
  • Raid preparedness.  Be of appropriate item level for the content and aware of the fight mechanics(via videos on the site/fb page, the dungeon journal, or reading up) before getting to the content.

What's Next?
 If you believe that you possess the character to be a contributor to this iconic guild, then we encourage you to fill out an application today. Perfect Storm is always on the lookout for mature players that have an interest in enjoying the game while working around life outside the game. A guild is only as good as the members that contribute to it. 

Our Website

Contacts for more information
Recruiting Team

  • Prew (Prew#1402)
  • Shantria (SilentChaos#1499)

Guild Master
Persimone (Persimone#1329)

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