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Ranked Play Revamp Q/A is now live on reddit! The devs have some changes in store for Nazeebo. "Healing Done" is coming to more Heroes in the stat screen. Dustin has answered some interesting questions on Twitter today and here's a recap.

Ranked Play Revamp

Blizzard is currently hosting a Q/A about the latest change being brought by the new patch, ranked play revamp. You can submit your questions in the next few hours and the developers will pick the interesting ones and answer. We'll have a recap available once the Q/A comes to a close.

Blizzard LogoTrikslyr

Our Ranked Revamp is right around the corner, and we’ve brought in our resident experts to answer your questions about the upcoming update!

For today’s AMA, we’ll have the following developers in attendance:

Please feel free to start posting your questions below! We’ll be starting at around 12:00 PT.

As a reminder: There will be questions posted by CMs from non-English speaking regions. If you'd like to see these questions answered, feel free to upvote them for more visibility.


In addition to the Q/A, Blizzard has released a spotlight explaining all the changes.

Upcoming Nazeebo Changes

A Nazeebo player on reddit submitted a thread where he's talking about Nazeebo's necessity of useful talents at Level 1, claiming Death RitualDeath Ritual is a must-pick and more versatility is needed. Centaurik answered the team is planning to increase Nazeebo's skill cap.

Blizzard LogoCentaurik

We have some plans to touch up nazeebo in the future. we are looking at ways to increase his skillcap (coughspiders cough), and you better believe we'll be taking a whack at that talent tree. We also agree in rolling in some form of Death RitualDeath Ritual baseline. I can't say when it's coming, but you could say we have it in our sights.


Medivh's "Healing Done" in Stats Screen Coming to More Heroes

Medivh has "Healing Done" in the stats screen. More Heroes will follow the same trend, namely Abathur, E.T.C. and Tyrael in an upcoming future patch.

Blizzard LogoCentaurik

We agree! as should ETC and Tyrael, as other astute observers have commented on! we have plans to address all of these in a near-future patch soon(tm).


Dustin Browder Tweets

Dustin has answered some interesting questions on Twitter lately and below, you'll find the most interesting questions.

Currently there are no plans for doing a muted players reset. A user tweeted that the MMR issues have been fixed and the toxicity is now declining.

Placeholder for tweet 740239084937875457

It's likely that Kael'thas will see some changes, the developer team is closely watching his win rate.

Placeholder for tweet 740239977452208130

Another player asked why developers mostly weaken strong talents (favorite picks) to make less popular talent choices more viable.

Placeholder for tweet 740240475236356096

The "Rejoin" system is quite annoying as you need to wait for a long time to get back into the game.  This is a relict from the Starcraft engine and since Heroes of the Storm uses the same engine, a player was curious if there are plans for its removal. The developers are working on it, but there is currently no ETA.

Placeholder for tweet 740240910085062657

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