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The blues have been busy with posts about Widowmaker nerfs, the leaver system penalties explained, the high bandwith option and an exploit in Dorado. Moreover, Jeff Kaplan had an interview with Eurogamer, where he talked about all things Overwatch.

Community Manager Lylirra made an extensive post about how the leaver system works:

Blizzard LogoLylirra

We've seen similar questions about how the leaver penalty currently works in Quick Play (both here and on social media), so here’s a bit more information:

  • If you leave too many games and your “games played” vs “games completed” percentage falls below our required threshold, you will receive a warning message (this percentage is calculated based on your 20 most recent games).
  • If you continue to leave games after receiving a warning (which will display in the lower left-hand corner of your screen), you will incur a 75% EXP penalty on all future games.
  • The penalty isn’t time-based, but instead will be removed once you complete enough games to raise your “games played” vs “games completed” percentage above our required threshold (again, this percentage is calculated based on your 20 most recent games).
  • If you disconnect or are removed due to inactivity from a game, it will count the same as if you leave the game intentionally.

If you leave a game before the “Assemble Your Team” phase is over (i.e. before you enter your starting spawn rooms):

  •  It won’t count as a game played
  •  You will not be considered a “leaver” in this scenario

If you leave a game after the match ends (i.e. after you see the VICTORY/DEFEAT screen):

  •  It will count as a game played—and if your team won, it will count as a win
  •  You will not be considered a “leaver” in this scenario

If you leave a game after the “Assemble Your Team” phase is over, but before the match ends:

  • It will count as a game played
  • You will be considered a “leaver” in this scenario

Hopefully that helps! If you see the game behaving in a way that's different from what's listed above, be sure to let us know by posting in the Bug Report forum. (source)

Meanwhile, a user posted on Reddit an exploit in Dorado (you can view the thread here). A Blizzard representative popped in to say that this exploit/bug will be fixed in the next patch.

Blizzard LogoZoevia

Thanks for the video and the detail breakdown in the comments. We're working on getting this fixed in an upcoming patch.

Thanks all!


Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan is always active in the official forums. Yesterday, he said that Widowmaker is under scrutiny for balance changes.

Blizzard LogoJeff Kaplan

Widowmaker is on our radar. We are discussing her. We have some internal experiments going to see if we can keep her viable while lowering the frustration threshold a little bit. Right now, this is just exploration. If something more comes of it, we'll let you know. (source)

He also had a few things to say about the high bandwith options. Currently, players can host Custom Games at 60hz and Blizzard needs the players' help and feedback on this.

Blizzard LogoJeff Kaplan

Hi. We've actually tried to talk about this subject a few times now. There is a high volume of traffic around the game at the moment so our responses don't always make it to everyone.

First off, for anyone interested in why things work the way they do in OW, please watch this video:

In regards to next steps for us, we're seeking testing and feedback on our high bandwith Custom Game option. This option allows players to host a game at 60hz. Please note, if all players do not have a decent ping you might still feel some issues. Yesterday, we got some really good feedback on the feature and some issues with it (not starting matches etc...). So we have some fixes in the works to stabilize it and we're looking to push those out ASAP. If that goes well and we continue to get good testing/feedback, it opens us up to exploring proliferating the feature to other parts of the game.

(note: we recognize not everyone can get 11 other people together to start a custom game -- but we need some help/testing. someday, we'd like to have a server browser to make this easier... but that's a different thread)

So that's where we're at! We're as excited as anyone to improve OW and make it a better game. We're actively working on addressing player feedback. We've taken steps to get 60hz games into OW. We need testing and feedback -- it's clearly not ready to go wide yet (hence, incoming patch). Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Also, I am going to close other threads on this topic and redirect here.

TL;DR: We're fixing the issues in Custom Game with 60hz and gathering feedback so we can determine feasibility of proliferating the feature.


The high bandwith option was one of the few things Jeff mentioned in his Eurogamer interview. He also talked about the upcoming balance changes for McCree and D.Va. Specifically, McCree's Fan the Hammer ability will have its damage reduced. As far as D.Va is concerned, they are testing buffing either her damage or her survivability, with the latter being more likely. Jeff also confirmed that competitive play is still on the track for the end of June and that seasons will last 3 months. The most interesting thing he said is that people should pay more attention to the mysterious Sombra, since there are more hints in the game and in other media about her. Is she the next Hero?

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I wish they reduced the wait time before a game begins. It's so irritating to have to wait almost 2 minutes before being able to actually play.

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    • By Zadina
      We have summarised the main points of two BlizzCon interviews of Jeff Kaplan: one with Eurogamer and one with r/Overwatch.
      Here is what Jeff from the Overwatch team had to say to Eurogamer:
      The Reunion animated short takes place in Route 66, but the team has no plans for a rework of that map. Echo and Athena are different characters. The confusion was caused because in an old image of the Overwatch cast Echo has the Athena logo on her. Lead Artist Arnold Tseng felt that there was too much blank space on Echo and that's why she had the Athena logo.
      The team has the next six heroes planned out, which means there are heroes for the next two years. Echo isn't necessarily the next hero after Ashe. They are exploring opportunities to do more than just animated shorts, anything is possible No announcement for Overwatch on Switch but it still is a possibility. Cross-platform play is in conversations. Overwatch is sticking to loot boxes, even though they are controversial (they were banned in Belgium). A lot of work would be required to implement something like the Battle Pass in Overwatch. There's no serious thought of making Overwatch free-to-play at this time. Jeff consults in non-Overwatch teams and takes part in strategic decisions, but his main focus is still Overwatch. Some of the same questions were answered in the Reddit interview, for example about cross-platform play and Echo not being the same character as Athena. Kaplan actually had to say about that last issue that: "Athena is Winston’s AI and the narrator of the game! Athena’s not running around doing hero stuff, like, that’s not her character".  So, perhaps we won't see Athena as a hero, even though it is a popular fan theory.
      New points include:
      They think it would be a better matchmaking experience if there was a single match queue in Quick Play also. But at this stage, it’s kind of a big technical overhaul under the hood, even though it works that way in Competitive. Overwatch is built on a brand new engine so it is pretty complex and complicated process to make map editor public but “we would like to do more”. For example, they played around with the ability to allow players to script their own custom game modes through a very basic set of scripting language within the UI for it. They would like to make this work some day. They don’t have anything for Winter Wonderland that’s new, in terms of game modes, incoming. They do have some game mode experiments that they’re fooling around with right now that have a lot of promise, but none of them have coalesced into “let’s definitely release this” yet.
    • By Starym
      With Ashe arriving on the PTR, redditor Noobinab0x took some time to make a combination of all her current highlight intros and skins in a very unique (and somewhat freaky) way! While the video does showcase her relatively limited skin variety, it's still a great watch and there's sure to be more skins added later on.

      And as an added bonus, here's what happens when her self-knockback gets doubled when Genji reflects her shot.

    • By Starym
      While we don't know exactly when it's coming, and it won't be that soon, the next major patch will indeed force us to reinstall the entire game client, due to some major changes to the back-end. Unfortunately this doesn't necessarily mean it will also bring a ton of new content (although it might, since it will be bringing Ashe in at the very least), as the changes might just be on a deeper level.

      In any case, the patch notes should be interesting, and it's important to note the "major" in the title, so we might see some smaller patches before then as well.
      Next Major Patch (source)
      Hey folks,
      We wanted to get ahead of this early and let you all know what to expect with our next big patch. We don’t currently have a release date/time with this, but will update this thread once we do.
      The next major patch will have some pretty fundamental changes to the game client. The number of back-end changes we’re putting in is substantial enough that we can’t just patch over the current content efficiently. As a result, when the next patch comes out, the client will fully reinstall itself to handle these changes. We know that this isn’t ideal for people on metered connections, so hopefully this announcement helps you prepare for this coming update.
      Thanks for your patience with this matter, and we’ll see you all in game!
    • By Starym
      One of the issues with the first season of the Overwatch League was the pretty late match start times for EU fans, as most started in the evening over in the US, which meant EU fans had to tune in sometimes well after midnight to follow the action. With matches tending to last quite a while, that meant having to stay up very late which posed a problem for many.

      League commissioner Nate Nazer recently announced that season 2 would be moving the match start times earlier to accommodate Eu viewers:
      Season 2 starts in February, and has already added 8 new teams (2 Canadian, 2 US, 3 Chinese and 1 European), bringing the total up to 20.
    • By Starym
      Nothing new except Ashe on this version of the PTR, other than the removal of the "Unlock all" option in the Hero Gallery. You can check out her Hero page here and the dev update introducing her here for more info!
      November 5 (source)
      New Hero: Ashe (Damage):
      Ashe’s arsenal of weapons makes her a versatile offensive hero, capable of setting up the perfect situation to shoot down dangerous enemies from range or deal high area-of-effect burst damage to groups of heroes.
      Her primary weapon is the Viper, a lever-action rifle with two firing modes: semi-automatic and aim down sights. In semi-automatic mode, the Viper shoots rapidly with a high spread. Aiming down the sights lets Ashe line up precise shots, increasing damage at the expense of speed.
      She can turn any situation into her favor with her Coach Gun a short-range, high-impact sidearm that deals big damage and clears the way by knocking back nearby enemies. It can also be used to knock herself back for added mobility, either to reposition herself for a clear shot, or to escape pursuing enemies.
      Ashe’s Dynamite ability is a thrown explosive that detonates after a delay. It deals damage in a wide radius and sets enemies on fire for additional damage over time. She can also shoot the dynamite to detonate it early, allowing her to damage unsuspecting enemies.
      Her ultimate ability, B.O.B., sends Ashe’s loyal omnic companion rushing into the fray, shoving aside the frontline to rough up targets in the backline.
      To learn more about Ashe, click here
      Removed the “Unlock All” option in the Hero Gallery Current live patch notes.
      Previous PTR patch notes.