Just started Wow, what spec?

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So i just started WoW a few days ago, and i like it alot!

I have been leveling with my friend and im wondering what spec i should choose, i know i dont want the shadow one cause i want to do healing.

Do you have any suggestions? or maybe the priest or healing isnt recommended for beginners?


Please let me know


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Pick whatever spec you enjoy most. Disco leveling is funny for leveling though!

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2 minutes ago, Damien said:

Frost Mage, it's the best one!

That's a new priest spec.


I'd say either discipline or shadow for leveling.  Disc is nigh on invincible due to its shields/absorbs, while shadow can kill mobs faster and efficiently.

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If you wanna play with your friends: chose Disc.

Because healing is really easy and you can to also a little bit Damage.

It is the easiest way playing with your friends. :)

With Lv 30 you can chose a second specc, if you wanna do only damage as shadow. :)

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For leveling, I would go Shadow. For dungeon healing, Disc, and for raid healing, Holy. All subject to change in Legion, lol. Personally my favorite spec is Shadow. My first toon was a Priest and even though I spent most of time as a healer, nothing beats Shadow for just plain flat out dps fun in kicking butts! 

Don't forget that there are other healing classes to try out. Try them all! I did and each was fun in its own way. I totally loved monk healing till WoW nerfed the crap out of it. I currently have a Shaman, Priest, and Druid that I have healed on. Druid turned out to be my favorite. 

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Disc is easier and it's a very valuable healer. Moreover disc is better for starters because it much less requires good gear than holy. Disc is a reaaly cool heal and king of unique due to its specialisation on shielding rather than healing which is cool, great and valuable.

But you always need to play a character which is interesting for you. That is essencial.

p.s. Really amused by guys who tell what they like not answering TS's question and telling things which are nobody interested in. If he wants to heal it's not interesting for a bit that you like shadow.

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Hello Skyz,

First, let me say welcome to WoW.  Try not to turn into an addict in your first few years of play.  (Remember to balance all things!)

Second, you've chosen a very delicate class as your first toon.  I'm one that actually believes your first toon is a great representation as to who you are.  You have chosen a selfless class.  (Good choice!)  I truly wish you the best as you adventure through Azeroth!

As a priest healer, no matter what patch ever comes out or expansion is due, you will always be a powerful healing component as either disc or holy in any raid or party.  What you choose is entirely up to you.  Disc is fun, holy can be powerful, and shadow is doing well currently from what I can tell in battlegrounds.  However you decide to spend your game time in either pvp or pve, will most likely be a contributing factor as to what spec you will want to play.  Watch your strengths and weaknesses and learn to capitalize on what you exceed at and work on what you don't do well.

In essence, your question will be answered in time as you delve into your adventures and develop as a player.  Best wishes and good luck, new found friend and Hero!



P.S.  I prefer disc because heck yeah!  PEW PEW PEW!  =P

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