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Jeff Kaplan made an extensive post about the team's plans for Overwatch and the state of its development. In the same thread, he also confirmed that you can get XP from the first Tavern Brawl of the week and he explained why Overwatch will not have daily quests.

Since Jeff's post is truly massive, we will summarise its main points. First of all, the team is working on content patches for the rest of the year up until early 2017. At the moment, their priority is Competitive Play. They are considering putting up a Public Test Realm for this feature (side-comment: if this happens, we might see it very soon given that Competitive Play will be released at the end of this month). He expects that Competitive Play will require a few seasons of iteration before it reaches the best possible state.

Moreover, they are working on new heroes and maps. One of the new maps is actually almost ready. However, Jeff can't make any promises about when exactly and what kind of heroes or maps they are, in case something changes. On the upside, as it was originally promised, new heroes and maps will be free of charge. The team also wants to improve spectator mode, although they are not currently working heavily on this. They have ideas about improvements on Highlights and POTGs as well.

They want to expand the functionality of Custom Games, so you can play them with both friends and strangers. They are considering adding a server browser for Custom Games, but again this is not among the team's immediate plans. Other longterm plans include adding customisation options (like equipping more than one sprays or random poses) and adding more unlocks to the progression system.

In addition, the team plans to add small social feature improvements in each future patch. For example, in the upcoming Competitive Play patch  you can now instigate many of the social actions on another player any time you have mouse control -- so in Hero Select, Assemble your Heroes, end of round card screen etc. Lastly, the team is working on bug fixes (especially on consoles) and matchmaking adjustments. 

Click below to read the entire post:

Blizzard LogoJeff Kaplan

+ Show

There's a lot going on right now. We're working on content patches throughout the rest of the year and into early 2017 currently. Of course we have long term plans, but we like to remain agile to respond to the current direction of the game and players' needs.

Our big focus right now is Competitive Play. We did a big push on this feature in beta and got some really amazing feedback. We were hoping that from the beta version of Competitive Play, we would need to do some polish and iteration and then release the feature but we felt like the feedback we got was basically asking for a different direction. So Competitive Play is quite a big effort for us this time around -- almost as much work as the first version. But it's really far along. We're playtesting it multiple times a day. We're also looking into/debating putting up a Public Test Realm for this feature so that we can test it in a larger environment before putting it live. Even when it goes live, I anticipate our first few seasons will require iteration on the feature. We're working very hard to make it awesome at release but there are some things you need to see and feel along with a large population before you can properly sign off on the feature. I anticipate Competitive Play will require a few season's worth of iteration before we're in the place we want to be.

We're also working on new heroes right now. We have some that are very far along and others that are just getting started. We also have some prototype heroes that may or may not ever see the light of day. We do a lot of prototyping... I don't think we're at a point where I can really talk openly about the release schedule for the new heroes because I don't want to set expectations and then have something come up and suddenly we're backing out on a "promise" we never really made... if that makes sense.

We're also working on a few new maps right now. One of them is "officially" in our production pipeline as it has passed through enough prototyping and playtesting that we feel confident in it. So that map is in the hands of our art group at this time. They are busy making it look awesome and while they do that, we keep going back and playtesting it to make sure nothing changed between the early level design blockout and the final "artified" version of the map.

We have a few other maps that are in prototype and playtest phases right now. Some of them will become real maps and some of them will be totally scrapped -- so I can't really commit to you on those. For example, we tested a map yesterday that was amazing yet a total disaster at the same time. Aaron tried some very innovative level design tricks that we hadn't done before in OW. On the upside, the map was very unique. But the we ran into problems with sight lines and the map was basically dominated by long range heroes, leaving heroes like Reaper practically useless. So if we can fix the sight lines while not losing the overall vision, that map might turn into something some day.

So maps and heroes are being worked on daily. I wish I had dates for you but whatever date I gave you would change and then you'd all be mad at me. The good news is, like we've said before, for Overwatch, we won't be charging for those maps or heroes. Those will just be live updates that will come in a patch for free.

There are some other features that we have our eye on. For example, we want to make a lot of improvements to the spectator/broadcast/observer functionality in the game. The spectator feature has come a long way since the early days of beta but we know it can be improved. We've gotten tremendous feedback from people running tournaments and have a lot of good ideas how to make the game more watchable. We feel like some of these improvements will also benefit things like PoTG and Highlights as well once we get to them. These features are not being worked on heavily right now. We're more in a mode of design and planning around these. So there's not an immediate timeframe for the spectating stuff. But it's important to us and part of our daily conversation at this point.

We have a lot we want to do with Highlights and the PoTG as well. We would like to improve those features and there are a lot of cool ideas we want to see happen.

We talk a lot about the Brawls and Custom Games. These are really cool features that we feel like we haven't even fully scratched the surface with yet. We want to do a lot more with Brawls and there are some seriously awesome ideas from the team as well as the community that we want to get to. For Custom Games, we want to improve overall functionality but figure out a way for players to play more Custom Games with their friends or with strangers (for example, we're researching what a server browser-type feature would look like in OW). This is a ton of work so would not be on the immediate horizon. But in our dream world, you could play Custom Games with 11 other people (friends or strangers) with fun rules in play and gain EXP while doing it... so yeah.

There is more we want to do with the progression system eventually (this is more long term -- not immediate). We want to give you more customization options (we know people want to have random option for Poses for example). We have some cool ideas of how you could equip more than one spray or voice line... so those are fun things we'd like to get to. But they are minor and are far off. We also have some pretty cool new content we want to add to the progression system -- so we're looking forward to getting some of that in eventually.

There's an endless list of social feature improvements we want to make. These will most likely make their way in "some at a time" each patch -- rather than as a huge feature. We want to continually improve the social experience. For example, in the upcoming patch that has Competitive Play, you can now instigate many of the social actions on another player any time you have mouse control -- so in Hero Select, Assemble your Heroes, end of round card screen etc. (obviously, PC description listed). It's a minor thing but makes a big difference. So ongoing social feature improvements. We cannot stress enough the game is best played with other people -- it's a team game.

There are a lot of tech initiatives going on. I'm not the best one to speak to those. Obviously, we're putting a lot of effort against our high bandwith Custom Game option to see if we can explore proliferating that feature further. That's a big tech effort that isn't really player facing most of the time. We make constant adjustments to our matchmaking system. We're reworking some of our internal architecture so that designers can prototype game modes more easily -- not exciting player-facing features but this is the kind of thing that leads to fun stuff for the players eventually.

And then there is a never ending amount of bug fixing. For example, we have a few bugs on consoles right now that drive us crazy. You cannot leave a game as a group. This needs to be fixed. Also, if a friend gets recommended to your group you get a dialogue telling you to press Y/N... which doesn't exist on a console controller. So this needs to be fixed. There are and will always be things like this that need to be fixed. So that's something we're always addressing. There is a large anti-cheat and anti-hack effort going on, but I can't really discuss that (the first rule of fight club...).

Obviously, there is a lot more going on -- stuff I am forgetting to mention as well as some surprises. I can't stress this enough: some of this stuff might not happen. The reason developers usually don't give insight like this is because if something changes or doesn't happen, players get very angry at us. I would like to change that dynamic but we need to do that together. We'll share more information with you guys so long as you understand none of this is a promise and things do change throughout the course of development. So when we see a "HOW COME WE DIDN'T GET THE HIGHLY PROMISED RANDOM POSE OPTION" rage post 2 years from now, please feel free to quote this paragraph in the reply...

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this stuff. We frequently change our focus based on what we're hearing out of the community! Hope that helps to give some clarity on what's going on here in Irvine, CA. (source)

In the same thread, the Overwatch Game Director answered to some other questions. He confirmed that some of the new heroes and maps will make it into the live servers before the end of 2016. When asked if there will be more cinematic shorts, he cryptically replied "We like making movies".

Jeff also teased an upcoming bug fix. He added that you can indeed get bonus experience for the first Brawl, but it is not displayed well. As far as daily quests are concerned, the team feels like it's not a good idea since they don't want to force players to choose a specific role or hero.

Blizzard LogoJeff Kaplan

 Jeff, any updates on fixing the bug where we get a loss if we backfill a game? Also there's no loss recorded on one's profile if that person leaves a game intentionally

From what I understand, this bug is fixed in the patch that contains Competitive Play -- end of June.


You do get an EXP bonus for your first Brawl. It's not displayed very well.

We aren't super keen on Daily Quests for OW -- we don't want to tell you what hero or role to play. We want you and your team to figure that out. It works really well in Heroes of the Storm and HS because you choose your class/role/hero before you queue...


Lastly, Jeff got teased about the infamous Dance Studio: a feature that was teased for World of Warcraft many, many years ago but never actually made it to the game. He can't seem to escape his past as a WoW developer!

Blizzard LogoJeff Kaplan

Dance studio when, jeff? WHEN?

you're killing me...


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Thank you Overwatch Blizzard team for giving us a fantastic game.  I eagerly look forward to new content and characters as well as anything else you have in store for us. 

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      Dallas Fuel vs Los Angeles Valiant- 4:00 P.M. PST
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      Overwatch's Game Director hinted that the new map will be released soon and a lot of unrevealed skins will come along with it. Balance changes may follow after the Blizzard World patch.
      Even though Blizzard World has been on the PTR for a while now, the map is still scheduled to be released in "early 2018". In a recent interview with Forbes, Jeff Kaplan explained all the detail that has gone into this map, making it sound like Blizzard World is the most complicated map the Overwatch team has designed so far.
      In a series of forums posts yesterday, Kaplan reassured the community that Blizzard World will be released on live servers really soon, perhaps even before the end of this month. Jeff also talked about some characteristic issues they had to fix in the map.
      Jeff Kaplan
      Blizzard World and the new loot box items release early this year. Between you and me, I am hoping before the end of the month. But "stuff" can happen.

      Loot boxes roll their items the moment you acquire them -- meaning if you hold on to loot boxes, they will not have new items or any other changes to that system.

      Glad you like the Doomfist skin. The artists will be happy. (source)

      The map is very close. We had to fix a few things like the fact that Torb's turret would get destroyed if you built it on the "Flight to Duskwood" ride. There is also a lot of invisible collision that goes into all maps that prevents players from getting into weird or stuck places and also just makes things like Lucio wall ride or Genji/Hanzo wall climb work better. We also had to do a ton of optimization on Blizz World -- it's the map that has the most stuff in it by far. Getting it to run fast is super important to us. (source)
      Blizzard World patch will bring along new Blizzard-related skins, highlight intros, emotes etc., but it will also contain a lot of unrevealed new skins and other stuff. The plan is for every hero to receive something.
      Jeff Kaplan
      Yes. (source)

      Yes. Most of the new stuff is NOT Blizzard World related, as a matter of fact. Also, the new stuff is the whole range of items -- not just skins... so highlight intros, emotes, sprays etc.

      If you guys really dig the Blizz stuff, then we'll make more of that in the future... we love doing it. (source)

      There's stuff for all heroes but not all of it is the same tier. Some will get legendary stuff, some epic etc... A lot of that was based on who has gotten stuff recently and who hasn't and how many items those heroes had in those categories. (source)
      Lastly, as mentioned before, Blizzard World and the new items will come out together within the next few weeks, given that they are already in console certification. It is probable that a balance patch will follow soon after the Blizzard World patch. Kaplan mentioned that the team was experimenting with Hanzo, but he didn't want to share any more detail.
      Jeff Kaplan
      The map and the loot box items will come out together. My guess (and this is not a promise... just trying to be real here) is that any balance changes will drop shortly after. The map/items are already in console certification but the balance changes have not yet been submitted as we are still evaluating them. (source)

      We were experimenting with Hanzo today but any changes there are a ways off... we still need to be happy with what we're trying before we go to PTR or discuss things outside of the team. (source)
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      Dallas Fuel and Seoul Dynasty May Be Rivals After Incredible Opening Night

      Every match of the Overwatch League’s opening day was exciting for fans who have been waiting patiently for its commencement. However, the match between Dallas Fuel and Seoul Dynasty was by far the highlight of the night.
      The best part about watching these two squads play was the guessing game of who was going to win the engagements. At any point during a fight, one of these teams could pull off a crazy kill combination that was, quite frankly, unbelievable. The outcome of the battle was always in question until the last member of Dallas or Seoul was dead.
      The pure talent of these teams often left the victor of a map in question until the last team fight. A case in point was the Temple of Anubis round. After Dallas had secured possibly the fastest professional Temple of Anubis two-point capture time with over 6 minutes left, Seoul posted a very strong answer with a two capture point time of over 4 and a half minutes left.
      As game time wound down, both teams ran through Temple of Anubis again, making the total map score 4 to 4. Within these four captures, Seoul Dynasty’s Fleta had a few multikills with Widowmaker’s Widow’s Kiss: Sniper headshots, in addition to multikills with Genji using his Dash ability mixed with well-placed Shurikens. For Dallas Fuel, Effect answered Fleta with some multikills of his own on Widowmaker, and some more multikills with Tracer’s Pulse Pistols and Pulse Bomb.
      At 4 and 4, Seoul Dynsasty was still behind in total time but managed to capture another two points with 11 seconds left on their clock. This put Seoul to a 6-4 advantage. As Dallas Fuel made an attempt to capture their fifth point, Fleta’s incredible Widowmaker plays demolished Dallas’ time. At one point, Fleta secured three separate picks on Dallas team members, forcing the Fuel squad to wait more than 20 seconds before being able to attack as a full team once again. Dallas was able to overcome Seoul’s hold to secure their fifth point, but Fleta’s plays and Dynasty’s positioning granted Dallas one last ditch effort to tie the match.
      As Dallas charged in to secure the last point, a few picks lead viewers to believe that the Fuel would force the match into overtime. However, Dynasty was able to pull off some picks of their own that ultimately turned the tide of battle. While both teams played extremely well, Seoul Dynasty was able to push back against their early time deficit to win the round with 11 seconds to spare. This win would ultimately lead Seoul Dynasty to victory for the entire match due to a close draw on the fourth map, Numbani.
      While Dallas fans may be frustrated at the match's outcome, the whole series was unquestionably one of the best games of Overwatch that fans have seen since the induction of professional play. The Dallas Fuel vs Seoul Dynasty match may have created the first Overwatch League rivalry while simultaneously giving viewers a taste of what’s in the store for the rest of the season. There is no doubt that when these teams face off again, the crowd can expect another brilliant four games of Overwatch.
      What were your favorite match moments? Post your game highlights in the comment section below!
    • By Mournflakes

      In just a few hours, Blizzard will launch its inaugural year of the franchise esport known as the Overwatch League. This historical day has been the highlight of esports conversations ever since its rumored conception.
      The actualisation, however, of the idea has been no small feat. Millions of dollars, thousands of man hours, and the household Blizzard name were all integral parts leading to the ultimate success of this launch, and with the necessary steps taken, the day has finally come.
      While Blizzard prepares for the first match, many questions surrounding the league are being posed across game forums (alongside big news outlets likes Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.) While some of these questions are less important, I believe it is pertinent that we discuss one of the most hotly debated queries surrounding the Overwatch League.
      Will Fans Be Willing to Attend Games In Person When They Can Watch on Twitch?
      As I explained the idea of the Overwatch League to those who have never played the game, I have consistently been asked by gamers and nongamers alike, “Why will people go to a stadium and watch people sit and play games when they could watch at home?” I think this is a legitimate question that stems from well-meaning ignorance.
      The key to Overwatch League’s success (and the answer to this question) will be one simple thing—community. An enthused and excited community is everything Blizzard is betting on, and everything Overwatch League fans need to be. Community has kept ticket sales to live sports steady, and will continue to do so for years to come. During any football, soccer, or other sporting event, the camera is guaranteed to pan across fans who are decked out in face paint and costumes. While some people will never understand why someone would dress up as a Cowboy, a Maple Leaf, or a Red Devil, the fan who is screaming and cheering for his or her team in person is undoubtedly having the time of their life. No one would dare ask him or her why they are dressed up because the smile on their face would be enough of an answer. They dress up, they brave the weather, and they travel across continents because they love the game and they love the community. Loyalty to a team is demonstrated through a community coming and cheering for that team in person. Now, for the first as a franchise esport, a developer has presented this same opportunity to gamers. This is what esports fans have always dreamed of, and Blizzard and Overwatch have made that dream a reality.
      When friends have asked me why people would attend an esports event, I can tell them from first-hand experience why people would pay money to go watch games live, and it’s because of the community. I attended Blizzcon 2017, and while I enjoyed trying out new things coming to Blizzard games, I mostly watched esports. If my friends who doubt the legacy of franchise esports had been at the South Korea vs United States match at the Overwatch World Cup, they wouldn’t doubt any longer. The vibe that night was electric, and everyone was on the edge of their seat the entire match. But I can’t convince people that those feelings exist without having them experience it first-hand. When it comes to comprehending the Overwatch League, only feeling and witnessing a match first hand will end in understanding.  
      So if you are around for any of the future matches coming up this year, buy a ticket and represent your team. Wear face paint, dress up in your team’s garb, and cheer till your voice hurts. If you cannot make games in person, host an Overwatch League party at your house and invite your buddies to come over and cheer on your team with you. Or, if your friends are spread out across the United States, create a Discord channel so you can talk about the game as you all watch together. No matter how far away you are from the action, you are in control of your Overwatch League involvement. You can question the league’s prevalence, or you can get in on the fun, it’s completely up to you. Community will be the lifeblood of this league, so I suggest you grab some snacks, invite your friends, and jump in on this historic event.
      I'll personally be rooting for the Los Angeles Gladiators, but who will you be cheering for? Also, what are your thoughts on the Overwatch League as a whole? Post your excitement or woes concerning the league below!
    • By Zadina

      The Overwatch League is about to begin later today and a new patch brings 312 new OWL skins!
      Blizzard is determined to go big this year with the Overwatch League. Months of preparations and team announcements worldwide have led to this day, which is going to be the first day of the league. You can familiarise yourself with it by watching the preshow here, while there's also an app for it available on both Android and iOS.
      A lot of people wondered whether the Overwatch League was going to be broadcast on Twitch, since it hadn't been officially confirmed. Indeed, only yesterday it was announced that Twitch will partner up with Blizzard for the next two years and it will show all OWL matches!
      To welcome this big esports event, a new patch is now live in all regions. You can read the patch notes below:
      Josh Engen

      Introducing Overwatch League Team Skins

      Time to suit up! Overwatch League home-team skins are now live and can be purchased via our new League Token system, which allows players to directly support their favorite Overwatch League team (or teams!). Home-team skins are available for all 12 OVerwatch League teams and all 26 Overwatch heroes. 

      To learn more about Overwatch League team skins and League Tokens, click here.

      Players can now watch the Overwatch League stream via the Overwatch League menu option when games are live [PS4/XB1] Players can now bind all communication wheel options to a gamepad button [PS4/XB1] An option to press and hold crouch rather than toggling the ability has been added under Options > Controls > Movement [PS4/XB1] A slider for “Friendly Aim Assist Strength” has been added to Ana’s control options under Options > Controls > Hero. This will make it easier to aim at allies Weapon accuracy is no longer increased or decreased when shooting at Genji’s Deflect or abilities that block projectiles (e.g. Winston’s Barrier Projector or Mei’s Ice Wall)  

      Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord and Orb of Harmony will now display its target’s health bar  

      Fixed an issue that prevented earned items from being displayed when a Loot Box was opened Fixed a bug that caused a duplicate “Current Competitive Season” selection to appear in the Career Profile dropdown menu [PC] Fixed a bug that prevented players from being able to navigate in-game menus with the tab key Fixed a bug that prevented UI elements for Tracer’s Blink from displaying when switching between first- and third-person view in spectator mode Fixed a bug that prevented the ammo count for Doomfist’s Hand Cannon from displaying when switching between first- and third-person view in spectator mode
      A.I. Fixed a bug that prevented the Bastion and Torbjörn bots from pathing to some areas on the first point of Eichenwalde Fixed a bug that caused the Lúcio bot to fall off the map while navigating King’s Row
      Competitive Play Fixed a bug that caused the meters remaining to display twice when players approached the final five meters on Escort and Escort/Assault maps
      Game Browser and Custom Games Fixed a bug that prevented the Ultimate Duration Custom Game modification from properly adjusting Soldier: 76’s Ultimate length
      Deathmatch Fixed a bug that caused the Play of the Game highlight and the end-of-match screen to not display for the last player to die in the match
      Heroes Fixed a bug that prevented Doomfist’s Rocket Punch from destroying breakable objects Fixed a bug that could cause Doomfist’s Rocket Punch knock back to be inconsistent if he collided with an enemy using a movement ability (e.g. Winston’s Leap) Fixed a latency issue that caused Doomfist’s Rocket Punch to travel through an enemy instead of dealing damage Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Doomfist’s Rocket Punch’s directional movement to be unpredictable Fixed an issue that allowed enemies to jump over Doomfist’s Rocket Punch instead of taking damage Fixed a bug that caused enemy players hit by Doomfist’s Rocket Punch to sometimes move along the wall impacted instead of taking damage Fixed a bug that caused Doomfist to move along the terrain if he impacted it with Rocket Punch Fixed an issue that caused enemies hit by Doomfist’s Rocket Punch to impact inclines instead of traveling up them Fixed a bug that caused Doomfist’s Rocket Punch to deal wall impact damage to Mercy if she used Valkyrie Fixed a bug that caused Doomfist’s Rocket Punch to activate before intended if he was near Mei’s Ice Wall Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Doomfist to fall through the ground if he used Seismic Slam on inclines Fixed an issue that canceled Doomfist’s Seismic Slam when it was unable to reach the targeted location [PC] Fixed a bug that caused Junkrat’s RIP-Tire camera perspective to linger on the target after detonating [PC] Fixed a bug that caused Junkrat’s RIP-Tire to be silent to enemies while traveling on rooftops or when airborne Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Snowball’s antenna to stretch out of proportion when Mei’s Beekeeper skin was equipped Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Mercy’s Resurrect “Reviving” message to remain on the targeted player’s screen after the cast was finished Fixed a bug that caused players targeted by Mercy’s Resurrect to no longer see their Respawn timer if her cast was interrupted by an enemy Fixed a bug that caused players targeted by Mercy’s Resurrect to no longer see their Respawn timer if her cast was interrupted by an enemy Fixed a bug that prevented players from using Moira’s Biotic Orb if she used Fade or died while using Biotic Orb Fixed an issue that caused Moira’s “Ultimate almost ready” voiceline to sometimes play when her Coalescence was fully charged Fixed a bug that caused Reinhardt’s Charge to knock back enemies instead of pinning them Fixed a bug that caused the visual effects of Sombra’s EMP to display when the ability was interrupted by an enemy player Fixed a bug that caused Sombra to face the incorrect direction after she teleported with Translocator Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Torbjörn’s turrets to not fully heal when he used Molton Core Fixed a bug that prevented Carbon Zenyatta’s in-game portrait from displaying the correct color
      Maps Fixed a bug on Eichenwalde that caused the “Checkpoint Reached” voiceline to play when the payload reached its final destination Fixed a bug that allowed Reaper to Shadow Step to unintended locations on Horizon Lunar Colony The patch brings an enormous amount of 312 new skins, with Overwatch's heroes doning the colours of the OWL teams.  u/WhatsShimada has put together albums displaying all skins
      Between now and February 13, you can receive 100 free League Tokens which will allow you to purchase a single skin. Moreover, you can sign up to the Overwatch League newsletter until the end of this month to get another 100 free League Tokens. 
      The pricing of the League Tokens, which will allow you to purchase OWL skins, will be as follows:
      Blizzard Entertainment
      100 Tokens = USD $4.99*
      200 Tokens = USD $9.99
      400 Tokens = USD $19.99
      900 Tokens = USD $39.99
      2600 Tokens = USD $99.99