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The first of our new plans has finally come to fruition! We're going to be launching our very own Twitch channel!

It brings me a great deal of pleasure to finally be able to announce one of our new plans! As I'm sure you're all aware, Twitch streaming gives a certain level of freedom when it comes to conveying information. You are given a direct insight into an individual's gameplay, allowing you to truly understand the information in a real-time context. 

Here at Icy Veins, we felt it was time to take a step towards this rapidly growing mode of giving information, so we are going to be launching our own Twitch channel:

What are we going to be streaming?

Icy Veins has always been centred around combining information from a number of the best sources available, in order to create material that our community can use as they wish. Our Twitch channel will be no different! 

We are going to be bringing in top players of each game that have expertise in certain fields of the game, allowing them to stream gameplay and interact with our readers and viewers. The streams will cover all of the games that our site does, with many of our guide writers and reviewers taking part in the process. 

While gameplay streams are always useful, we want to keep things fresh for all of you; while we can't give a full list of what we're hoping to bring to the table, here's a teaser of things to come:

  • In-house tournaments - You'll be able to show off your prowess in various games by competing alongside members of the Icy Veins team. 
  • Replay commentary - In this format, you'll see analysis of replays submitted by our community. Our team of experts will assess the highlights, as well as the faults, of each replay, allowing for people to truly learn from both their own and others' mistakes.
  • Q&As - These streams will feature less gameplay, but much more intense attention on the chat from our streamers. They will be covering a specific topic and answering your questions to the best of their abilities, whether on a gameplay topic, such as a certain build or class, or a slightly more light-hearted one, such as gold-making.

When are we going to be streaming?

Due to the nature of the stream, we will often be adjusting our stream schedule to suit the featured streamers for that week. While this is subject to change, this is the plan that is currently being used for the initial launch:

  • There will be 3 streams per week.
  • Every Sunday, prior to the stream week, we will announce a full schedule of the 3 streamers planned for that week on our news forum.
  • The schedule will include details about who is streaming, what they are streaming and when.
  • The first stream schedule will be announced on the 3rd July, for the following week.

How can I apply to stream for Icy Veins?

I'm sure some of you streamers out there are wondering how you can take part in this! In order to enable some of our community members to take part, we're going to be opening up the opportunity for some of you to also take part, but under a few rules:

  • Regardless of which game you play, you must be able to sustain a strong, stable internet connection, as well as high stream quality. We can't have you disconnecting every 5 minutes!
  • You need to have something special to bring to the table - if you're ready to show us top-tier gameplay, then make sure you have proof of it! We require VODs of previous streams which display your ability to play while still being informative or enjoyable to watch. 
  • You do not need any visuals for the stream, nor will we allow them. Our designer, Skog, has been hard at work making sure our channel is looking in good shape, so we will be using those.
  • If you feel like you could add something to our current team of streamers, then message me (Blainie) via our forums.

If you've got any other questions, feel free to ask them below! If not, hopefully we'll see you all on Twitch for our streams!

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Good for you guys.  I greatly enjoy this site and I am glad to see that you are branching out to Twitch.  I am looking forward to the streams!

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Great to hear you're all starting to follow us! I really hope you enjoy the content we're planning to put out :)

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This is an amazing idea. Id love to help streaming some overwatch but I'm afraid the resolution will have to be lowered :s. Maybe I should look into the more advanced settings for both the game and OBS

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