[Dalaran][H] <Potential> Building for Legion

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Tuesday/Wednesday 9PM-12AM Eastern (server)

US-Dalaran Horde -High Pop PVE 

Loot Council 

About Us: Potential travels towards focusing on end game progression. Raid slots are merit based via World of Logs data. The friendships at the core of the group is made up of several RL friends. We exercise discipline and we focus on efficiency, but at the end of the day we're all playing a video game. While waiting for the Legion expansion, guildies are playing Overwatch as well as doing H HFC, CMs, and Mythic dungeons to gear alts.

We are currently not raiding any content until legion. Farthest exp for most players was 9/13M HFC

Web site is http://potential.gamerlaunch.com/

Currently we are recruiting raiders to fill our mythic roster in anticipation for Legion. Currently we are taking all applicants; however tanks are full.

Thank you for your time and enjoy Legion regardless of where you are!

Hit me @ Enixa07#1397

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