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[Player][H] <Jactura> (Returning) Tank LF a Mythic raiding guild in Legion.

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I kindly ask that all recruitment officers to read entirety of this post carefully before copy pasting their guild recruitment post, it may save us both some time (or hopefully helps us both). I am looking for a guild to dedicate %110 of my energy, time and effort and call it as my home for years to come, because of that fact any information you may want to know and then more already will be in this post.

These are my criteria for the guild I want to be a part of:
- English speaking guild with its members at least 20+ years old in average.
- This is a search for a guild for the Legion expansion, any guilds looking for “bolstering your roosters for HFC [M] progression”, I am not the player you are looking for; because of the reasons you will see below. (Please keep this in mind when copy-pasting your guild recruitment post.)
- Looking for a Mythic hardcore/semi-hardcore raiding guild, which raids at least 4+ days a week. Also willing to do daytime raids in progression stages or whenever it requires.
- I am a Tank, not looking to play as a dps.
- I am a Horde player only, no interest to play as an Alliance.
- Not looking for a reserve place among trials, looking to be the part of core mythic progression raiding group. To clarify: I will be willing to do what is necessary to earn that spot; but in order for me to able join that that spot has to be avaible.
- Looking for an established guild not a newly formed one if possible.
- %110 serious, dedicated and drama free attitude towards endgame progression.
- I will not tolerate any kind of insult, threat, discrimination or favouritism towards me or any of the raid members, a raiding guild is a serious environment of which people dedicate a portion of their life to enjoy themselves, it is not some school playground.
- I will be rerolling as a Vengeance Demon Hunter. Because of that fact I will be able to play in any server possible. (On the condition that the server is populated, active and has friendly raiding communities)

Everything you may want to about me, my background and raiding experience:
- I am a 24 y.o. Turkish guy who recently graduated from university with a degree in Translation Studies.
- Started WoW in TBC as a Mage in [Boulderfist] server, completed Karazhan, Mag, SSC, TK and BT, managed to take some shots to Sunwell but couldn’t down it pre nerf.
- WOTLK was the start of actual raiding for me, throughout the expansion it progressively became more serious. I completed Naxx, Malygos 10&25, Sart +3 with my mage.
- Upon the release of Ulduar, I rerolled prot paladin; mainly because I wanted a bigger challenge as a raider and also my class and spec because a 3 button faceroll with took the fun out of gameplay. I loved playing as a tank and never looked back.
- After downing Yogg the guild I was in <Four Seasons> [Boulderfist] had some drama and disbanded.
- Moved on to Totc with a new guild and newly introduced HC feature gave more challenge we managed to get it down in Totc in both 10HC and 25HC.
- ICC was the pinnacle of my raiding experience, downed 10 & 25 ON Normal and managed to down LK in 10HC with %5 buff. Because the lack of people we couldn’t down the 25HC.
- Throughout the Cata, MOP and WOD I was studying in Universty even though I desired to do so the workload I had did not enabled me to go be active as I used to, so I became a casual.
- I rerolled to Blood DK in Cata mainly because: prot paladin suffered the same fate as mages did back on WoTLK which was: becoming a 3 button spec I liked Blood DK a lot better and sticked with it throughout Cata, MoP and WoD, during MoP I also levelled a Brewmaster Monk and did some raiding on him also, I just recently felt nostalgic I rolled a mage on the Twisting Nether server and currently chilling on it until Legion pre patch hits.
- I will be rerolling a Vengeance Demon Hunter in Legion, which accutaly has nothing to do with “new shinny blizzard baby OP faceroll class” or “Illidian hype train”. The biggest problem I had with the Blood DK was the lack of mobility, with the self-healing traits like brew monk and blood dk and with the mobility like warrior and prot druid; Vengeance feels like a fun and engaging class I want to play for a very long time.

What I will be providing to you your guild, your raid group and your progression process:
- I think that the raid spots are not never guaranteed for anybody, it has to be earned through dedication and hard work, I will bring my very best to earn and keep that spot every single time.
- The role of a tank is not a one with much of a competition, most of the time there is 2 only spots available, sometimes the other tank has to chance its spec to dps; while I prefer not to play as dps because I can perform to my fullest my playing as a tank, I understand that a raider has to be able to play all of its specs and roles to its fullest potential. Tanking being my primary choice in every situation, I will be willing to perform any on necessary fights to help will our progression.
- Nobody is above criticism or receiving direction, tanks above anybody else requires direction and criticism to perform at their fullest potential. I welcome criticism and direction as long as it is in a constructive and a respectful manner which will help me improve myself and benefit our progression.
- Unless it is a family or medical emergency, I will be attending %100 of the raids.
- I will approach every single raid as it is the most important progression raid, I will be %110 rested, focused, dedicated. And I will be willing to wipe for hours on a single boss if necessary, that is how progression works.
- I will be willing to change my talent rotation positioning as the fight demands. I will adapt to encounter dynamics as quickly and naturally as possible. I will always be willing to change and adapt my tactics given by the raid leader.
- I will always be fully gemmed and enchanted properly according to my spec and will always be flasked and food buffed, for every single fight and every single wipe.
- On the first days of the content I am willing to help out raid members outside of raids to go through dungeons to gear up, after that I would love to do Mythic+ dungeons and challenge mods with guides regularly.
- I will always be on vent at the raid time (or which application the raid team prefers), and listen and act according to the directions given by raid/role leader, I have a good microphone and have no problem responding when I am required to talk.
- I have upgraded my system to a high end gaming pc and it is ready for long hours of raiding. (I will provide specs if needed).
- I have a very stable internet connection with a high connection speed. (Will provide details needed)
- I do not have any requirements for me to take a break from game right now or a foreseeable future. (military service, job trips, personal responsibilities etc.)

If I am a kind of player you would like to be a part of your community and core progression group let me know, even though I prefer to talk though voice chat, to get a feel of the person I am talking to. You can contact me though Bnet: Bodyci#2644
Feel free to ask any further questions you might have through either thought this thread or Bnet,

Thank you for your interest and hope to see you in game.

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