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Region (EU) •Realm Name: Frostmane •Faction: Alliance •Style (Raid & Casual PVP) •Guild Name: Two Guys One Pug (TGiP) •Guild Leader Character Name: Zagarath

Requirements: • 18+ • Speak English • Have a microphone • Use Discord

A bit about Two Guys One Pug aka TGiP, we have been around since vanilla, doing raids and some casual pvp. Cleared all raids some also on heroic. I’am and always have been the guild leader, however in the past we ran the guild on a hierarchy. We are looking for members who meet the requirements to join our growing guild. The leadership team have extensive raid knowledge however experience is not a requirement to join, as long as you have game knowledge, PVE training/experience will be provided. We are currently giving discord a trial run, we do still have our teamspeak server but for the purpose of recruitment you are required to contact us via discord. Stages of recruitment; If you feel our guild might be something you are interested in apply by joining our discord server (link at the bottom, but please continue to read.) When you join our discord server if any of the leadership team are online (please leave a message if no one is online and we will get back to you asap, some of us have families and nagging wives (don’t tell Zundra I said that)) we will more than likely pull you into a private channel to have a chat (this is the part you find out if you like us and if we like you) This part will more than likely been Q&A, cut to the chase ask the questions you want to know the answers to first, let’s not waste each other’s time  If the Q&A goes well and no conditions have been placed (e.g move servers, level to 100, get a microphone, move out of your mothers basement… maybe not the last one) then you can meet the crew(I hope they are online at the time!) Hang with us for a bit get a feel for us, we will be doing the same. After that one of the leadership team will let you know if we would be happy to have you, or that we don’t think you are a good fit. If we decide we want you as part of our family…I mean team, and you decide you want to join us, we ask for a written contract as commitment to TGiP, just some basic legalities. We then require photo ID just to prove you are over the age of 18 and not my stalker ex-girlfriend. The secret code word is fishsticks, this will make sense when we meet. Once the contact and Id have been approved by our legal team, a sum of £100 a none refundable bond is required, this is just to ensure that…. Fuck it I can go all day with this bullshit, If you like us, and we like you, then you join the guild,

Join our discord and have a chat with us; https://discord.gg/bbMHB

Ps. Just incase you didn’t get the joke, we do not require money, a contact to be signed, or photo id.

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