[Proudmoore][A] <Sacred Fire> (13/13 Heroic) Looking for new members

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Sacred Fire has been around since November of 2004. We originated from Icecrown server and moved to Proudmoore at the beginning of MoP. We are a raiding guild that focuses on "Ahead of the Curve" Heroic. We are not Mythic raiders and don't act as such. Our raid environment is very laid back and fun. Some of us even have cocktails while we raid though not entirely encouraged. We are a family oriented guild and have been since the beginning. We currently have lost a lot of players that just aren't going to continue to play the game. We are looking for Ranged DPS and Healers, but any are welcome and encouraged to apply with us. If you're interested, you can whisper someone in game for an invite, but it's most likely easier to try us at our webpage:

Hope to see you in game!

Battletag Relfie#1853


For the Alliance!!!!

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