[Player][A] <Draico> (Mythic Dungeons) Mage Frost/Arcane

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Hi I am a trying to do better in the game with a special focus on hitting Legion running.

I would like to run mythics with guild mates rather than pugs and do up the raiding.

I have gotten to ilvl 710 so far but hope to push that in coming weeks


I also have a Proc Tank, Fury Dps. Resto/Tank Druid. Hunter Marksman/BH, Shaman elemental/resto all around or over the 700 mark.

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We are looking for raiders, who know how to play their class well, but don't want to commit to a full time raid schedule. We will also consider players who maybe have not been hard-core raiders in the past, but want to raid with experienced players on a more casual timescale and are looking to improve their game. Finally, we are happy to take on social members who are just after a mature environment to relax in while they attend their herb garden.

Bring Out Your Dead in brief...

Alliance Guild Recruiting: Strong DPS, small groups of exceptional players and Socials

Guild Aim: Clearing current heroic raid content (usually achieved)

Play Style: PvE. Normal and Heroic. 1 Night a Week (Occasional 2 Nights). Attendance is optional not expected.

Social Groupings: Knowledgeable. Mature. Experienced. Relaxed. Fun. Social.

Raid Times: Monday 2000-2300 and (Some) Wednesdays 2000-2300

Server: Aggramar

Time Zone: EU

Progression: As a guild we normally clear all heroic raid content.

Bring Out Your Dead in detail...

BoYD is a mature and friendly guild, our core has been playing together in WoW and other games for well over 10 years. Our player base consists of very experienced players who have raided at high levels in the past, including hard-core during Vanilla and TBC where we were among the top guilds on Aggramar and in WotLK when we adopted a semi-casual approach (2-3 raids a week) and were among the top guilds EU (when known as Merged).

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since we were getting our server firsts, now we are after a much more relaxed gaming experience, while we are now adopting a new approach we still expect players to min/max for raids and to have an understanding of what’s expected of them during encounters, but we are going to be true casual with only 1 (or 2) scheduled raids a week with flex raiding attendance is optional.

Currently we are raiding Mondays and (some) Wednesdays 2000-2300 server time, but with flex raiding comes a flexible schedule and we will adjust our raid days around our players commitments. While we are playing casually if we have the interest we will run additional raids including ALT raids on off nights.

If interested contact Ruffie, Stardawn or Ashotli in game. Or take a look herehttp://bringoutyourdead.enjin.com/recruitment

Cheers for reading

Officer, Bring Out Your Dead

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