Patch Notes Inconsistency, Minion Damage Nerf

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The Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes are a total mess with tons of undocumented changes one can only find out by datamining. The team promised improvements such as color designation.

Patch Notes Improvements

A new thread on reddit points out the inconsistency of the Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes. Often, there are tons of undocumented changes that are relevant (or important) and you can't find them anywhere in the patch notes, such as Tyrael's changes. Martissimus pointed out the importance of proper patch notes documenting, because the last notes were a mess and didn't include any information about

  • Portrait changes
  • The minion buff nerf
  • Energizing Grasp changes
  • Mutalisk time restriction

The only way to track all changes is to check out strings through a method called "datamining".

Where to improve?

Look at the Diablo team. They are doing a pretty good job with Patch Notes updates, by using color designations. That way, players know instantly which changes are the latest.

Ravinix' Commentary

We've got a blue reply from Ravinix which reads as follows

Blizzard LogoRavinix

There's definitely room for improvement here. We've seen a lot of good ideas in this thread that we can explore, including some colored change designators or the inclusion of an edits section when we need to add or adjust notes. Additionally, we are looking into some new processes internally to make patch notes more consistent and all inclusive going forward, which may include some amount of automation. Thanks for putting this together!


Minion Damage Nerf Missing in Patch Notes

The Gul'dan's patch nerfed minions damage dealt to Structures by 50%. The change went live silent without being mentioned anywhere in the Patch Notes. They were updated only recently to reflect these changes. Ravinix told the following about the issue:

Blizzard LogoRavinix

For awareness, the PTR patch notes were not 100% accurate for this change and have been recently updated to reflect the real numbers.

Minion damage scaling went through a few iterations and ultimately landed on +50% damage over last patch (instead of the double damage increase previously stated in the patch notes.)

We are still interested in hearing what everyone thinks about this change, so please keep the construction and actionable feedback coming, but wanted to make everyone aware that the change isn't quite as drastic as originally indicated.


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