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Reforge - Priorities

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So, i have for a couple of days ago, started my old priest up again.

And i found the guide on the forum very helpful, except for the reforging guide with the website:

I was shown an example from an hunter, in the priest guide, so i have no idea what my priorities is.?

Maybe this is something i should know?

With priorites i mean which stat weighs the most?

I know that i need 1603 haste.

And that is basicly it, but i have no idea how to set the website up, this is a link to my char:

( No i am not gemmed yet, but meh )

So in toto:

Anyone who could tell me what to set in the priorites for each stat, or take a SS or something with the correct priorities?

Hope that you can help a very confused priest. :) Thanks!


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Just to confirm your spec is holy?

The class guide from this site can explain it better than I can here.

A quick break down:

12.5% haste (take into account any 5% raid buff, 3% haste talent option etc) the table on the above link helps a lot.

Then you have an option really, mastery or haste. That's all about play style. Personally I stack mastery as much as possible, and I have gone for gear that ensures mastery as the main stat. Try and stay away from items that have critical strike on them and ensure you always reforge crit into either haste or mastery depending what you prefer / need. There is no real "set" figure that you can have.

Gem your gear first as this will help you before you begin to reforge!

Don't worry about using addons etc to do your reforging for you. Get a feel for your gear and a feel for reforging as the quicker you learn and the more comfortable you feel, the easier you will find it to quickly reforge when you swap out a piece of gear. Holy priests are pretty easy to reforge with. After the 12.5% haste its all pretty optional and you'll soon see get to understand how your reforging affects your playstyle.

If your unsure how you want to play then have a practice with perhaps a full haste reforge or a full mastery reforge. See how your mana regen holds up and how effective your mastery HoT spells are and then see which you prefer.

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Just to clarify for other readers, you are a Holy Priest and you do not have any points in Darkness. You are also not a Goblin.

As such, you are correct, you need 1603 Haste Rating if you do not benefit from the 5% spell haste raid buff, and 917 if you do. Again, just to clarify, this is all extremely evident from the Priest guide, and so far it has nothing to do with any Hunter examples :)

As the statistics page says, after you reach this amount of Haste Rating, you must make a decision about which stat you will prioritise afterwards, between Mastery Rating or more Haste Rating. Your choice will determine your reforging.

For a reason that we cannot determine, the website that we recommend,, is not properly treating the situation. In this case, we advise you to reforge your gear "manually". In simple terms, reforge Crit to Haste on all items with Crit, until you reach the desired amount of Haste Rating. If you cannot reach it, start reforging Mastery Rating to Haste Rating, and this will surely get you there.

After reaching the cap, you can choose to either reforge all the remaining Mastery Rating into Haste (if you prioritise Haste over Mastery after the soft cap) or to leave the items as they are. Spirit has a very high value to you, so we do not recommend reforging out of it under any circumstance (with the exception of the unlikely event in which you cannot reach your soft haste cap even after reforging all of your Mastery Rating into Haste Rating).

If things are still not clear, we are happy to clarify further.

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Thank you very much, this was very helpful and i now know what i have to do :)


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You are welcome. We're glad to have been able to help.

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It's the first time I check out this WoWReforge website. Looks pretty neat.

If my Imported Reforging is the same as the Recommended reforging, that means I was doing shit right? ;)

Any feedback on how to increase my stats/reforge is welcome.


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It's the first time I check out this WoWReforge website. Looks pretty neat.

If my Imported Reforging is the same as the Recommended reforging, that means I was doing shit right? Posted Image


Any feedback on how to increase my stats/reforge is welcome.


Yes, this is what it means. However, looking at the link you provided, it appears that your reforging is "all wrong".

Looking at your character, I can tell the following two things:

  • You are not a Goblin and that you are running with 3/3 in ability_priest_darkness.jpgDarkness. This means you need at least 1184 Haste Rating for the 12.50% soft haste cap. You have this, so that's good.
  • In our guide, we suggest that, once you are past the cap, you choose to either stack more Haste Rating or to stack Mastery Rating. You are over 1184 Haste Rating soft cap by quite a bit (you have 1512), but you are not reforging Mastery Rating into Haste Rating. This is counter-productive, and we advise you to choose either Haste Rating or Mastery Rating, and get as much of it as you can.
Having said that, once you reach the 12.50% soft haste cap, it won't affect you very much no matter what you do, at this late stage in content progression (counting also the DS buff).

P.S.: I assume that you clicked on "Optimize" in WoWReforge to see what their recommended reforging is compared to the imported one. Be sure to adjust the stat weight values accordingly, based on what we say in our guide (it's all quite clear there). In any case, WoWReforge is most useful for DPS classes where stat priorities are very clear. For healers, it's much harder to say that one stat is definitely better than another.

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