[Zangarmarsh-Hellscream][A] <Straight Shooters> (Recruiting for Legion)

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[Zangarmarsh-Hellscream][A] <Straight Shooters> (Recruiting for Legion)

Looking for a casual, social guild that still does fun runs?

Straight Shooters is recruiting people interested in PvP, PvE, and casual players. We are gearing up for Legion as well. We are hoping to build up our raid team and we are taking Ranged dps, and healers. Our raid times are Wed/Sat/Sun at 9-11pm server or 7-9pm PST. We are looking for all people interested in raiding in Legion.


We are also recruiting PvP members for Legion. Again we are taking anyone interested in joining. RBG times and Arena's are set all during the week. 


Again we are a mostly casual guild, filled with wonderful and nice people.


You can contact back:




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