[Sargeras][A] <Gentlemen> Ranged DPS and 1 Healer for Legion

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<Gentlemen> is a guild of semi-hardcore classic raiders preparing for Legion PvE content. We are currently looking for experienced DPS and 1 HEALER for normal/heroic raids upon release.

We want to be raid-ready when the first raid tier launches. This means making 5 man groups to run heroics as soon as we hit 110.

Raid Schedule (SUBJECT TO CHANGE):
Tueday 7-10 EST
Wednesday 7-10 EST
[optional] Sunday 7-10 EST

What We Expect:
We are only interested in recruiting mature players (18+) with the following qualities:

1. You MUST have a good sense of humor. This is an SJW-free zone. We will not provide you a #triggeredsafespace. While we are a very friendly group of gentlemen, no-one wants to tread on eggshells.
2. You MUST be a stable raider. By this, we mean you should (a) avoid being late; (b) avoid going AFK; and (c) avoid absenteeism.
3. You MUST be able to accept criticism. Being a Gentleman means being able to accept when you make mistakes and be willing and able to correct them. We will point out mistakes that we all make and we will NOT be offended.
4. You MUST be willing to progress. Know when banter is acceptable and when it's an unwanted distraction.
5. You WILL NOT be afraid to ask anything of anyone.
6. Lastly, and most importantly, a Gentleman follows the golden rule: "Try your best to not be a #$@%".

Longer-term goals:
Have several groups pushing Mythic+ dungeons
Push Mythic raids

If you are interested in throwing on a tux and sparking up a cigar with us, send an email to and we will arrange a convenient time for a discussion on discord or to answer any of your questions.
Alternatively, send a message to Zeo#1724, Kgs#11777, Slovic#1661, or Madeamistake#1579.

Please do not bump the thread more than once a week.


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