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Restoration Shaman Level 90 Talent

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After looking over the change to Echo of the Elements i decided on cloudburst totem as my level 90 talent. However after looking at Regalia of the Bound Elements 4pc Set, (Each time you trigger tidal waves, the cooldown of Healing Stream Totem is reduced by 2 sec.) I was wondering if anyone else thought that Echo might not be a bad choice due to the ability to have two Healing stream totems down at the same time. Let me know your thoughts thanks.

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Honestly, I think it's too early to be locked with talents for 4-p set. We are not even hit the expansion yet, so with all the nerfs and changes going out every couple of days, it would be more of a speculation.

Theoretically, you are right but on practice... who knows. I personally will wait until the end of tunings and hitting 110 at least.

I'd quote you a great resto shaman Gardiff that tests Alpha and Beta extensively. Last month he wrote this


The only thing EotE has going for it is that it is going to work with our 4 piece bonus. However, this has become less and less important with how many nerfs HST and Decree of the Queen have taken throughout beta. 

....You would get 2 seconds off of a HST with the 4 piece with EotE as a result that you would otherwise not have. In a 4:34 encounter, this doesn't even add up to 1 additional HST. You would need an 8 minute encounter for EotE to even add JUST ONE additional HST with EotE. That is how unimportant the talent is for the 4 piece. 

It's double charge system does very little for healing stream totem considering it is pressed in raids almost every 30 seconds. Maybe you can eek out one extra HST charge (not the baseline charge) 


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