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[Wyrmrest Accord][H]<Lady Death> (RDPS/Heals) for Legion Raiding - Also open for RPers

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<Lady Death> [H] Wyrmrest Accord

--Who we are--


<Lady Death> is a mixed RP/PvE guild located on the Horde side of Wyrmrest Accord. Our overall aim is to maximize the enjoyment in all aspects of the game. We have a diverse community of active, friendly, and helpful players that aim to be as inclusive as possible to both casuals and hardcore players. We host frequent RP events as a guild, and aim to be a very progressive raiding guild come Legion.

Raid team:

Our core raid group consists of a variety of mythic experienced raiders, those returning to the game from past expansions, and even new raiders who show a great deal of promise and interest in the coming content. We seek to be a mythic progression guild and clear new content as it becomes available to us. More information on raid times / requirements below.  


Our RP community takes a very relaxed and casual stance at RP, aiming to maximize enjoyment while promoting a friendly environment for those who are new to RP. We enjoy hanging out as a guild in character and have a Mercenary theme to our guild. We have frequent events, most often joining others in their RP endeavors as hired hands, bodyguards, or even assassins. We are looking to expand on our RP community and set aside time for guild-story driven RP events.

--What we’re looking for—

Raid team:

Our raid team runs on a 9 hour week, Friday/Saturday/Monday 6-9 Server (PDT). We are seeking highly motivated raiders, ideally with a background in endgame progression in either WoW or other MMOs. We are a laid back and enjoyable group of people who are looking to maximize our time spent raiding and clear whatever content the game has to offer.

Raid needs:

2-3 Healers

Pref: Resto druid, Holy Paladin.


High pref: Spriest, Boomkin, Mage

Raid requirements:

For a core spot in our raid group we require that you participate in guild forum discussions about raid strategies, maintain a 90%+ attendance rate , and parse at least 60%+ for your item level (Considerations for performance are taken into consideration under special circumstances – ie low healing parse due to reduced healing need)

  If interested, please contact myself (AkumuOokami#1250) or KBB#1564 and we will discuss things further.  

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