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Hello there,

We are a bunch of International Core Raiders and Friends who created their own guild to compete on the server in Legion ,Raiding Wise as a semi-hardcore or full hardcore guild.,  and enjoy it along the way, we cleared 13/13 HFC Mythic with our old guild before the pre-patch , and we hope to build a raiding team of around 20-25 raiders for Legion.

At the moment we are recruiting around our core raid team, hoping to clear up HFC Mythic again before Legion and the pre-patch event:

- Resto Druid
- Holy Priest
- MW Monk

Mainly looking for a Guardian Druid or a Protection Paladin, as the other tank will be a Vengeance Demon Hunter.

We are looking for all DPS Classes and specs( all but Enh Shaman, and Hunters of all specs )

The Raiding Schedule we are planning for is:
- Wednesday ( 19:00 - 23:00 )
- Thursday ( 19:00 - 23:00 )
- Monday ( 19:00 - 23:00 )

** This is Subject to change before or after Legion, regarding the comfort of the raiding group, we might add a day if everyone is ready to up our game.

What we are looking for in our Raiders:
- 18+ Age and to be able to take some criticism to improve their game.
- Be able to use Voice Communication (Preferably not just listen).
- Learn new mechanics and tactics in a quick manner.
- Playing with the mentality to beat every boss in Mythic, as that is our goal.
- To have consumables ready for every encounter; flasks, food and potions.
- High-end PvE Experience is a huge plus.
- NO DRAMA. We Have A No Drama Policy.

What you can look for in us as a guild:
- An Efficient, Transparent and Relaxed atmosphere; From Previous experiences we will try to help everyone regarding any issue they have yet be able to optimize our raiding times to get our goals.
- Alt Raids on Off-days.
- A Piece of the end-game mythic Raiding 
- A healthy and friendly guild, as we are all here to enjoy our time.

For more information and to apply go to or contact me via on Sylas#21613


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