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Eminent is a raiding guild recently created with people who have an extensive history in top tier guilds and raiding throughout WoW and other notable games.

At this time we are seeking dedication over gear and talent over your personal HFC progression. We understand there are some talented players still out there who are in guilds with leadership that cannot unlock their full potential or the full potential of the guild that they are in. Eminent has the leadership that has done this in the past with top 50 US kills in WoW and World First status in EQ.

Our goal in legion is to complete the content before the nerfs. We are looking for quantity over quality. We are looking for players who can learn off of someone elses mistake and their own. Understand wipes happen, we get up learn from it and progress, not digress.

Our raid schedule will be the following:

Tuesday 10pm - 1am EST
Wednesday 10pm - 1am EST
Friday 10pm - 1am EST

Our current needs at this time includes all DPS and Healer classes and specs, if you are an exceptional Tank we still encourage you to apply.

Head over to to put in an application.

If you have any questions please leave them here or shoot me a tell in game.

Thank you,

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