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[Aggramar][A]<The Garrison>(13/13N) 2-nights LF Mature Players

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The Garrison is a guild with a long history going back all the way to vanilla WoW. We started as a part of The Older Gamers network under the name "The Old Garrison" on Dunemaul-EU, but as the guild grew we broke free from TOG and continued on as - "The Garrison".

Over time the Dunemaul-EU server started to dry out and in 2012 we migrated over to Aggramar-EU to become part of a more active server community. This is where we have remained since then and where we will continue our journey in Legion.
Our members are mature and as a rule we rarely let anyone in that is not 25 or older. Members have families and real life commitments which takes precedense over playing a game and we expect everyone to accept and understand that.
Since last summer the guild has been in a bit of a hibernation state, but we now working on getting the guild going again for Legion.

Our plans for Legion:

  • Weekly raiding 2 days a week. Usually lasting between 20-23 game time. Current goal is to beat the game content while it is relevant on the heroic difficulty.
  • Mythic dungeon runs most evenings.
  • Opportunities to level up and do world quests in guild groups.
  • PvP groups if we can get enough people interested in that.

What we want to offer you:

  • Welcoming guild for both veterans and inexperienced players.
  • A gaming experience where we help eachother reach our gaming goals - be it PvE or PvP.
  • A mature environment where all understand that real life commitments have priority over game activities.
  • A stable guild that has been around for a long time.
  • Guild leadership that just won't quit - guild is managed by oldschool vanilla players

What we are looking for:

  • Maturity - Above all else, members join to play with people like them. We are a mature guild and would expect everyone to behave as such.
  • Respect – We see a sign of maturity as respect for those in and out of the guild. This could mean dedication to playing your class to the best of your possibilities or saying “thanks” after a successful 5 man.
  • Assistance – A guild only works if everyone pulls together, so helping out other members at quests, gearing, advice and other matters is important. Remember that you get out what you put in!

If you have questions we will try to answer them to the best of our abilities. Contact any of the guild officers in game (Rudrig, Erina), send us a PM on the forum or try this btag: Rudrig #2101

If you are interested in joining us, how do you proceed?
Go to our public guild forums and check out the thread: http://www.thegarrison.eu/forum/showthread.php?t=13478
We expect you to read the guild charter post and to fill in an application form which you either post in a thread there or pm to an officer. 

Thank you for your time and best wishes to you in your adventures in Azeroth.

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