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[Bleeding Hallow][H] <Warpigs> all players

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Just letting you know - seems like every guild post the same thing over and over and once you join you are left scratching your head wondering what about what they said they were going to do.
I am online a lot - hit me up.


  • WPvP - this is what I love to do (personally I think crossrealm ruined this but its fun to get involved and hold an objective until we get stomped or bored)
  • BGs - we can do this casual until we have enough regulars that want to get kneedeep in the muck
  • Arenas - Never been serious enough to do them but I would try - I figure we could at least win once and while
  • Dungeons - love them but would rather run with friends than pugs.
  • Raiding - If we have enough people would want to raid - we will for me it would have to be casual as I have too many RL responsibilities.

    I love running old content for transmogs and mounts ...I have a few mounts that if you run the raids with me you wont even have to roll - you win just by being with me.

We have plans for monthly events that I dont see other guilds doing - give us a try.

Contact us if you are interested.

Humptyhump - Heavyweight#1429
Buckyourself - Basecamp#1605

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