Feral Druid Stat Ratio (Leveling) + Addon

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I just started playing WoW not too long ago and I am working on leveling a Feral Druid. I know WoW has a ton of different types of addons and I was wondering if there was one where I could set my own values/ratios for each stat so when I see a piece of gear drop in a dungeon, I know quickly if it is better than what I have or not. Also, could you guys help me out setting the ratios. For example, if I put Agility as a value of 2, what would I set for Stamina, Crit, Haste, etc... I plan on not questing and just running dungeons to max level (if that helps with setting values). I know people usually say not to worry about it until I hit max level but I am not trying to rush to hit 100, I want to take my time and enjoy the game. Plus I am obsessed with working with numbers so it will be good for me as I level. Thanks.

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Good Morning :)

If you want to compare items press 'Shift' and hold your mouse over the new item. It will shows you the stats you will get/lose.

To enjoy WoW is the best way to walk around the world and do quests. You'll see a lot of it and get information about the history.

Dungeons are a soooo small part of WoW. It's like walking only one Street of a big city. Have a look at all!



For your rotation have a look here.

It's the leveling guide 85-100, 'cause I don't know your actual level. But some spells are the same, maybe it helps.

Here you'll finde the max. level guide. the stat priority is the same: 

  1. Agility;
  2. Critical Strike (up to 50%, or 40% if you are using the Blood Scent Icon Blood Scent talent);
  3. Versatility;
  4. Critical Strike;
  5. Mastery;
  6. Haste.
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