Druid Dragonflight Leveling Guide from 1 to 70

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Leveling in Dragonflight

Welcome to our Druid leveling guide. Here you will find all you need to know to level up your Druid efficiently. In addition, you may wish to check out our general Leveling guide, complete with detailed information on XP, mounts, addons, consumables, tips, and more. We encourage to read it to increase your leveling speed even more.

Until you are Level 5, use Wrath Icon Wrath and Moonfire Icon Moonfire to kill enemies while leveling. This will change at Level 5 when you learn Cat Form Icon Cat Form with the ability Shred Icon Shred. Then at level 10 you will unlock your choice of specializations.


Best Leveling Spec for Druid in Dragonflight

Druids have four talent trees: Balance, Feral, Guardian, and Restoration.

Guardian is the tank specialization for Druid, this is our suggested leveling spec, as the damage difference is not a large drop from the damage dealing specs and your tankiness allows you to pull enormous amounts of monsters and AoE them down comfortably. Guardian is also excellent in a group as you can maintain threat on all the mobs for you group.

Balance is a ranged damage specialization with decent damage over time and area of effect spells. Its main benefit is being able to move around a cast DoTs freely allowing you to tag mobs quickly.

Feral is a melee damage option for Druid, damage from Feral is mainly focused on Bleeds which does not translate very good for leveling as mobs die too quickly to gain full value from the bleeds.

Restoration is a healing specialization, and thus slower for solo questing due to its lower damage output, however if you are going to be leveling in a group or dungeons, healing is a very important role which will allow larger pulls and much quicker dungeon queues.


Ability Unlocks for Druid Leveling in Dragonflight

  • At Level 1, you unlock Wrath Icon Wrath, which is a short cast ranged damage spell, good for early levels.
  • At Level 2, you unlock Moonfire Icon Moonfire, which will be your bread and butter spell for a long time and your main tagging ability.
  • At Level 3, you unlock Regrowth Icon Regrowth which is one of your main heals, putting a heal over time effect on you which allows you to keep pulling quickly.
  • At Level 4, you unlock Entangling Roots Icon Entangling Roots, which lets you root a target in place for 30 seconds.
  • At Level 5, you unlock Cat Form Icon Cat Form, which unlocks cat abilities like Shred Icon Shred allowing you to kill mobs without spending mana.
  • At Level 6, you unlock Dash Icon Dash, a Cat Form Icon Cat Form which increases; your movement speed by 60% while in Cat form for 10 seconds.
  • At Level 7, you unlock Ferocious Bite Icon Ferocious Bite, another Cat Form Icon Cat Form ability, a hard hitting combo point spender.
  • At Level 8, you unlock Bear Form Icon Bear Form, which allows you to become the tanky bear, granting you bear form abilities like Mangle Icon Mangle.
  • At Level 9, you unlock Growl Icon Growl, which is another useful tool for pulling mobs from range, this is a taunt ability and makes the mob attack you. It can only be used in Bear Form Icon Bear Form.
  • At Level 9, you unlock Mark of the Wild Icon Mark of the Wild, which is a buff for you and your group members that last 60 minutes and increases your Versatility by 3%.
  • At Level 10, you unlock Barkskin Icon Barkskin, which is a short cooldown defensive that reduces your damage taken by 20%, great for reducing the damage you take on big pulls.
  • At Level 10, you will also be able to choose a specialization that will enable the choice of talents via the Class and spec trees respectively.
  • At Level 10, you unlock Travel Form Icon Travel Form. This is a Shapeshift spell equivalent to an instant mount, allowing you to move quest zones and get your quest tasks done quicker.
  • At Level 13, you unlock Prowl Icon Prowl. This is a stealth spell in Cat Form Icon Cat Form, allowing you to safely navigate through quest zones with heavy mob density to get your quest tasks done quicker.
  • At Level 13, you unlock Revive Icon Revive, a resurrect spell, which is very handy in group content in the case of someone in your group dying.
  • At Level 17, you unlock Aquatic Form Icon Aquatic Form. A mobility tool for any water related content, greatly increasing your movement speed in water.
  • At Level 19, you unlock Rebirth Icon Rebirth, a battle resurrection spell that can be very handy especially in dungeons if one of your group members happens to die.
  • At Level 30, you unlock Flight Form Icon Flight Form, a passive spell granting you the ability to turn your Travel Form Icon Travel Form into a bird and fly around, this is exceptionally good while levelling as an intstant cast mount saves a lot of time. You are also capable of looting many quest items while in Flight Form Icon Flight Form which is a huge advantage over other classes while levelling.

Best Heirloom Items for Druid Leveling in Dragonflight

The best Heirloom to level with are the ones with Haste and / or Versatility. That is because they increase your DPS, smooth out your rotation and increase your survivability, respectively.

Haste can also be useful to get tags faster when competing for mobs with other players, giving you a mild leveling advantage.



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