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[Frostmane][A] <Titans Inn> (7/10M) recruiting for Mythic!

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Updated 08-06-2017

Titans Inn is a guild on Frostmane Alliance. 
We are founded by a core of retired hardcore raiders who still love everything about the raiding scene, but mostly the teamspirit and the feel of accomplishment when getting a kill as a team whilst having a laugh doing so.

We believe we can accomplish succesfull Mythic raiding with 2 days per week when you have a skilled and experienced group. If everyone shares the same progression oriented mindset you don't always need to raid on a heavy schedule to reach this goal.
Clearing as many Mythic bosses as possible before the next tier and improving in ranks is something we will always aim for, therefore we spend our 2 days with efficiency!

Real life comes first, so we want to spend a minimum amount of time in raids, yet we want to make the most of our raidtime.

Raid days:
Wednesdays 19:30 - 22:30 (Paris time).
Sundays 19:30 - 22:30 (Paris time).

What will we offer?

  • A friendly, mature and serious raiding environment.
  • Efficient, (quick) progression.

What is serious for you guys?
Short answer; being capable of Mythic level raiding and everything that comes with it.
Showing up prepared with a progression oriented mindset is the most important thing. 
Our main goal is to kill bosses and to enjoy doing so.

Player Requirements

  • High Attendance is a must as we only raid twice a week. Sign up to raids on the calendar.
  • Be a Team Player. We seek players who understand there is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’. Raiding is a collective effort and everyone works together towards our goals.
  • Solid Communication. English speaking with a proper functioning microphone or headset. We use Discord.
  • Significant Preparation for new bosses we face by researching new encounters. Progression oriented mindset.
  • Atleast previous expansion Heroic difficulty raiding experience.
  • Desent logs to back up your performance in raids.

Character Requirements

  • 900+ equipped, with 42 traits in your mainspec artifact.
  • Excellent Class- (preferably all specs) and role knowledge. 
  • Staying up to date with your class changes.
  • AP & Mythic+ - We set reasonable expectations for AP to avoid burnout. We do expect our raiders to complete their weekly chest.

Gear, Legendaries and AP is not everything; we value the qualities of an individual over gear. We invest in people.

Additional information
Required addons: Angryassignments, RCLootcouncil.

Current content progress:

7/10 Mythic Nighthold

Always looking for additional skilled players for Mythic progression. Right now, and for future content!

Mainly Looking for (07-06-2017);

  • Ranged DPS (Elemental Shaman, Shadowpriest, Warlock, Mage, Moonkin, Hunter).
  • Melee DPS (Warrior, DH, Monk, Rogue, Feral, Survival).
  • A Healer

Apply here!


For more information contact us:



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Recruitment updated

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Since we are close to clearing Heroic we are looking for skilled players for Mythic.

- Healer (No Holy Priest)
- Mage/Warlock/Shadow
- Rogue

Don't hesitate to get in touch!




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Heroic mode cleared.

Looking for the following classes for Mythic progression;

- Mage
- Rogue
- Hybrid Healer

Exceptional players on other classes will always be considered!

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1/7 Mythic 

- Mage (other exceptional Ranged considered as well, except for moonkins).
- Rogue
- Hybrid Healer

We need you! :)

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Still in high need of additional skilled players to be able to continue Mythic progression. Right now, and for future raid tiers!

Looking for:

  • Hunter
  • Shadow priest
  • Warrior DPS
  • Windwalker Monk
  • Healer (Less interested in a Druid)

Titans Inn needs you!




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*Update 17-11-2016*

2/3 HC ToV

Mythic progression is on hold due to the current insufficient rostersize.
Still in high need of skilled DPS and a - healer!

Mainly after;
- Shadowpriest
- Mage/Warlock
- Rogue/Windwalker/Feral
- Any Healer


Pascal - Tags


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Updated. 3/10 Mythic down :) Still looking for skilled players to join our team! Don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Recruitment updated for more specific classes.


  • 1 Healer (Priest preferred, all other classes considered).
  • Ranged DPS (Hunter, Shadowpriest, Elemental Shaman).
  • Melee DPS (Rogue, DH, DK, Feral, Survival).
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Tichondrius went down, well played team!

Still looking for dedicated players to strengthen the roster. For current and future content! 

Mainly need DPS.

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