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My name is Dan and I currently work overnights.

I play an enhancement shaman on the realm Antonidas/Uldum. I am neither hardcore nor casual. I would like to consider myself to be a casucore player, but I like to progress. I am a competent player who focuses on performing at my best. I have been playing since a few months prior to Burning Crusade as a resto druid until mid way through ICC where I changed to my shaman due to the needs of my guild. My current guild which was 9/13M has gone its separate ways. Due to my work schedule however I was never able to partake in those kills, however I do have some experience on probably 3/13M.

My progression through out WoW is as follows:

HFC 13/13H AotC 10/27/15
BRF 10/10H AotC 4/09/15
HM 7/7H (2/7M) AotC 1/03/15

During MoP I had some living issues going on and at one point was homeless so while I started decently strong I had to stop playing a week or so after HoF and ToES went live. I would visit friends and play for a bit but then ultimately stopped playing altogether and came back during mid SoO. 

SoO 9/14M (had a few Garrosh kills on mythic) AotC 10 4/21/14 25 5/05/14
ToT 13/13H after SoO was released. No AotC
HoF 6/6N No AotC
TES 3/3N AotC 3/05/13
MV 6/6N (2/6) AoTC 10/27/12

DS 8/8 10H
FL 7/7 25H
TFW 2/2 25H
BoT 5/5 25H (Sinestra killed before release of Firelands)
BwD 6/6 25H

RS 1/1H
ICC 11/12H 25
ToC 5/5 (10 player insanity 12/03/09
Naxx/Maly/OS/Ulduar cleared on my resto druid 1 light 10 player was highest completed before release of ToC

Sunwell up to felmyst
BT cleared before nerf
MH cleared
TK cleared 
SSC cleared
Kara/Mag/Gruul/ZA cleared
Champion of the Naaru and Hand of A'dal obtained before LK pre patch(actually I had completed it before the attunements were nerfed for Hyjal)

What am I looking for in a guild?
I reside on the east coast and currently looking for a guild that meets my time requirements. I currently work Sunday (10PM leaving around 9:30PM EST) Tuesday-Friday (12AM leaving around 11:30PM EST).

Tues-Sat are ideal days for me with raiding being around 8:30PM-11PM EST. Sunday is a pure no go.

I prefer to stay horde but willing to transfer to alliance. I also prefer the realm be in the NY Datacenter, but willing to transfer to Chicago based Datacenter. 

In terms of what type of raiding i'm looking for. Honestly I just want to raid. Clearing mythic modes are great, but i'm good with clearing at least heroic modes. I'll bring my A game no matter what mode of play. I don't want to be carried. I want to be apart of a community, make new friends. I'm not looking for a 2nd job. I want to improve myself with help from others and help others improve themselves.

What do I bring?
Recently I just returned to the game seeing as Legion is on the horizon. I was going to return sooner when my work times changed but found out most of my guild transferred or quit. I am currently relearning the changes for enhancement but seem to have grasped it. I am 100% committed to raids, and I am loyal to my guild. I am curious about the Demon Hunter. I played for a bit on beta and intend on playing once they go live 8/9. I could raid as my shaman (enhance with resto off set) or as a Havoc (DPS) demon hunter. I have several other 100s but not really raid ready for the remainder of the expac.

I do not have any up to date logs. But willing to maybe run LFR or get in a group to provide one. I am also willing to do 'Ride alongs' with potential guilds to see what I have. 

Any questions/comments/concerns my battletag is Furieus#1425


Thanks for your time.

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