In need of help for constructing decks .

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In need of some suggestions to make decks that contain ysera , don't have to worry about the cards i currently have , just need to find some decks viable with ysera in our current meta . Thank you ! Appreciate your help :)

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Try control warrior in standard and wild, dragon and control priest in wild and ramp druid in wild and standard. There are some dragon warriors who run her as well, but that might not work as well as the "classic" moee aggressive builds with Rag and Grom.

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@PaasHaaS A lot of those listed decks are legacy decks and are not updated yet for WotoG or even nerfs. There are decks that are bad in current meta, such as Randuin Wrynn.

Using listed decks to see how much a card is used or to see meta decks with that card is not recommended.

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      This is my first go at ranking up on wild mode. I used Zalae's N'Zoth Dragon Priest - such an AWESOME deck allowing for streaks and great survivability due to the dragon based taunts. If you are looking for a good wild deck, give this a try!
      The early ranks of wild mode are really strange. I faced beast hunters, strange murloc paladins, etc...  
      This deck got me to rank 11 with easy streaks over a couple of hours. I then used N'Zoth Paladin to get to rank 7... (will post that later).